I am excited! God sees something greater IN you and God sees something greater FOR you than you see for yourself!

On Tuesday, May 18th, we begin the world-renowned Morris Cerullo DISCOVER YOUR MINISTRY School of Ministry course! During this powerful School of Ministry, Dr. Cerullo will bring you into a fresh experience to rediscover your ministry as never before, and to activate the special gifts that God has placed inside of you. As you receive this powerful impartation, you will discover the keys to finding and activating your unique gifts and God’s great destiny for your life and ministry!

These courses are provided to you on full scholarship as a gift from Theresa, David and the Board of Morris Cerullo World Evangelism and include personal study notes, bonus content, Round Table Platinum Review sessions, end of course Certificate of Completion quiz, a personalized Certificate of Completion and an opportunity to be on a path to ordination. If you have not yet activated your FULL SCHOLARSHIP click here: https://bit.ly/MCSchoolofministry

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Don’t miss your opportunity to receive this powerful impartation on Facebook, YouTube or the Morris Cerullo Power Podcast, as the same anointing and power from God that was present in the life of Dr. Morris Cerullo will be released to your life – your family – your ministry – throughout the Discover Your Ministry School of Ministry as Brother Cerullo reminds us all week:

  • God is ushering you into a NEW ERA of evangelism!
  • “You are going to manifest the ministry of Jesus!”
  • “One of the greatest vacuums that’s in the Church today is that Christians really do not understand what ministry really is.”
  • “Power is the result of RELATIONSHIP”
  • The world is waiting for you!
  • God hasn’t changed His mind about His plan for your life!
  • Most of the ministry of the early church was not inside buildings!
  • You are part of a NEW ERA of evangelism!
  • Comparison will destroy your ministry!
  • God has not called you to be an echo, God has called you to be a voice!
  • God didn’t create you to be like anybody else!
  • The voice that pushes you away from your dream IS NOT the voice of God!
  • “In as much as you have done it unto the least of these, you have done it unto Me” – Jesus
  • They moved out in ministry because of what they learned from the example of Jesus Christ. He told them to go into all the world and preach the gospel. They left their homes, and they went. They went from house-to-house. They went from marketplace-to-marketplace. Jesus said, “Lay hands on the sick,” and they just did it. They didn’t need a bolt of lightning from heaven.

Theresa, David and our team are praying especially for you during this course – that the Holy Spirit will impart a very special increase to the level of your relationship with our Supernatural God through this School of Ministry message. You will never be the same!

I can’t wait to see you for the Morris Cerullo Discover Your Ministry School of Ministry! Because of you this ministry will continue to build God a victorious army throughout the nations of the world! We love you!

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Greg Mauro
VP Ministries
Morris Cerullo World Evangelism

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