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Get Ready To CROSS OVER Into A FRESH EXPERIENCE of Spiritual Destiny!

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Thursday, January 27 6pm & 10pm ET (3pm & 7pm PT)
Friday, January 28 12pm & 10pm ET (9am & 7pm PT)
Saturday, January 29 12pm & 10pm ET (9am & 7pm PT)
Sunday, January 30 12pm ET (9am PT)

God has pulled back His prophetic curtain to reveal that we are on the very brink of THE LAST, GREAT AWAKENING to shake this world from its spiritual slumber and usher in the return of Jesus Christ. Everything that can be shaken has been shaken!

Out of the most incredible, worldwide upheaval we have ever experienced, God will release His awesome, prophetic promises upon His people. Even through the locust has brought devastation … even though pestilence has ravaged the land, God is declaring, “You shall eat in plenty and be satisfied” (Joel 2:26).

Don’t miss my Executive Vision Summit at this World Conference where I’ll lay out the mission and mandate God has placed upon us for an explosive year of breakthrough and ministry. This will be your year to experience SUPERNATURAL BLESSINGS!

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