Oh, how great is Your goodness, Which You have laid up for those who fear You, Which you have prepared for those who trust in You In the presence of the sons of men!

Psalm 31:19, NKJV


Partner Ministry Letter

My Beloved Partner,

During my prayer time for you, I felt the heavens open. God has allowed me to see into the future through His prophetic anointing to tell you that … He has abundant blessings ready to be poured out upon your life, your family, and your finances!

Never have I felt closer to God than I do now … I’ve received such an intense desire to release God’s intimate blessing upon your life! Beloved, the Lord commanded me to send you these words:

…your personal needs are about to receive God’s creative words of blessing which will release heaven’s miracles that are waiting for you!

Theresa and I have stepped into the Legacy season of our lives, and God has given us the power to deposit into your life the same ANOINTING, the AUTHORITY, the REVELATION, and the BLESSINGS which God has given us from a lifetime of amazing ministry in His Kingdom.

I must pass the Father’s blessing onto you … this is our legacy of fruitfulness, health, favor and prosperity without limits. God brought me into your life for this powerful purposeFor though ye have ten thousand instructors in Christ, yet have ye not many fathers: for in Christ Jesus I have begotten you through the gospel(I Corinthians 4:15).

With your participation, I will release upon you the Father’s blessing so that you can receive the wealth and riches of Abraham … I will place upon you the mantle of God’s FINANCIAL ANOINTING … and release God’s more-than-enough blessing to meet every need you are facing.

My precious Partner, you are so important to God and me. He has destined this moment as your time for a manifestation of His miraculous outpouring through the Father’s blessing! God has spoken to me to give you divine promises and specific steps of faith to bring you into this miraculous, amazing victory!

But you must take hold of God’s command of faith.

Right now, you are standing in front of untold blessings … I pray that God gives you supernatural eyesight to see into the invisible. Reach out and BELIEVE HIM for your miracle, because He is about to release a floodtide of miraculous, financial, physical, and family blessings on you!

Step into this season of legacy with me! God has shown me specifically what you can expect … God has promised to pour out His blessing upon you with no limits! Beloved, I have asked the Lord to lay upon your heart the amount He wants you to give as a well-pleasing sacrifice to Him. This amount is between you and God … be obedient and give in faith!

Upon sowing your best sacrificial offering to God, I will release a prophetic gift from the Lord over your life! I have prepared a prophetic scroll that is filled with God’s words of blessing and overflow. Allow me to place the Father’s Blessing upon your life during this season!

This beautiful scroll will impart God’s blessing to YOU!

These anointed, sacred words will be your point of contact to receive the abundant blessing God has for you. When you release what God has placed in your hand … and sow for this special Father’s prophetic scroll … God will release what is in His hand … financial blessing, the anointing, revelation knowledge, authority, and divine health without measure!

My Faithful Offering


God’s servant,

Morris Cerullo