Partner Ministry Letter

Beloved Partner,

I received the enclosed photo with Dad’s note to me two weeks before he went home to be with the Lord. I will hold dear these words of instruction and encouragement from my loving father and servant of God for the remaining days of my life.

David Cerullo Photo from Morris

David Cerullo Photo from Morris

Morris' Final Note to David

Morris’ final note to David

My prayer is that before you finish reading my letter, you will receive Dad’s note into your heart as an instruction from the Lord to fulfill your personal vision and receive the very best that God has for you.

Soon after receiving this last note Dad would ever send me, Mom and Dad called with a request that would change my life forever. My parents asked me to accept the immense responsibility to lead their ministry into the future as President of Morris Cerullo World Evangelism. In the intense emotions of that moment, I could say nothing but “yes” in obedience to my parents … and in obedience to what I heard as a clear commission from God.

When the word “yes” fell from my lips, this immense responsibility fell on my shoulders to lead a global ministry my dad has built for seventy years. With that responsibility I prayed for a double-portion of God’s anointing to fall on my shoulders just like Elisha received when Elijah was taken up into heaven.

The spiritual parallels of the transference of God’s anointing in this classic story of Elijah and Elisha have given me the spiritual eyesight to fulfill Dad’s instruction when he wrote:

“Grab hold of your Future … Keep your Visions Alive … Remember who Birthed Them.”

It’s a story we have been taught all our lives: In 2 Kings 2, Elisha asked his mentor prophet, Elijah, to release a DOUBLE PORTION of his spirit upon him. Elijah promised Elisha that if he would witness Elijah being taken into heaven, what he asked would be granted him. Elisha’s wish was granted.

And it came to pass … there appeared a chariot of fire, and horses of fire, and parted them both asunder; and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven.
II Kings 2:11

After tearing his clothes in grief at the loss of his spiritual father, Elisha reached over and took hold of Elijah’s mantle, went to the river Jordan and smote the waters with Elijah’s mantle.

Elisha cried out, “Where is the God of Elijah?” The Bible says that the Jordan River immediately parted and Elisha went over to the other side.

In that supernatural act of God reversing the forces of nature and pushing back the waters … God demonstrated to Elisha that His anointing which rested on the Prophet Elijah now rested upon him that he might work the works of God.

This is my vision for MCWE … that God would give our ministry a DOUBLE PORTION of His anointing … and we would go forward under God’s anointing and see God’s army DOUBLE throughout the nations of the world.

In obedience to the instruction of my dad, Morris Cerullo … and to reach out and take the promise Elijah gave to Elisha … I have asked God to give me, as the President of MCWE, a DOUBLE PORTION of wisdom and anointing to know what to do and how to do it.

In a very real sense, I am believing that God would manifest that DOUBLE-PORTION anointing by literally DOUBLING the spiritual warriors of God’s army that have spread across the face of this earth.

I am praying that this DOUBLE PORTION of God’s anointing would be released upon you, your family, your loved ones, and your own personal ministry. My prayer to God is that this ministry will not rest on the spiritual victories of the past.

As my dad wrote in his farewell message:

“Grab hold of your Future … Keep your Visions Alive … Remember Who Birthed Them.”

God gave my dad a world-changing succession plan. On the floor of a hotel room in Porto Alegre, Brazil, grimacing in pain, Dad thought he was having a heart attack, and asked, “God am I going to die?” God spoke to Dad and said, “No, Son. I allowed this to happen to you for a purpose.”

“What do you want out of this life?” After thinking about that question, Dad asked God to give him the ability to take the anointing that was on his life, and give it to someone else. When Dad spoke those words, God said to him, “Son, build me an Army!”

Dad invested his life into the life of others for seventy years and equipped successors to multiply themselves to the ends of the earth.

And it is those successors, those proof-producing Nationals operating under the same God anointing that empowered my dad’s ministry … it is they who will fulfill the vision of DOUBLING this massive army of God, and prepare the world for the soon-return of Jesus Christ.

Right now, we are keeping the vision alive!

In the midst of a worldwide pandemic and restricted travel, our own Senior Vice President of International Ministries, Reverend Don Mandell, took the message of the Proof Producers to over 30,000 in Tanzania, and to thousands of leaders across war-torn Ethiopia, in two separate missionary visits in just the past few weeks. Associate Minister Fernando Garay went to Pakistan to conduct a MCWE School of Ministry with hundreds of pastors, and several nights of miracle crusades to thousands across the nation. The impact of these trainings will ripple into eternity!

Since Dad went home to be with the Lord, the School of Ministry on Facebook and You Tube has DOUBLED in registrations from 4,000 in 70 countries to over 8,000 in more than 140 nations equipping a new generation of leaders with the power of God to win their nations for Jesus Christ!

Our In-Home Prayer Ministry has risen up during the worldwide pandemic to become a powerful army of over 1,000 front line SPIRITUAL FIRST RESPONDERS, resulting in answers to prayer, healings from COVID, and the greatest miracle of all, over 1,750 salvations.

The brand-new weekly VICTORY TODAY television broadcast has more than DOUBLED in its worldwide reach, now including weekly releases on Love World, Dominion TV, The African Broadcast Network and BREAKING NEWS. Victory Today will soon begin to be broadcast all across Iran, Afghanistan, and The Middle East in the Farsi language.

Our POWER PODCAST launched with nearly 50,000 of Dad’s timeless messages downloaded in the first few months alone …

A brand-new dynamic interactive platform, 247 launched, making Dad’s and his associate’s messages immediately available to a growing worldwide audience …

Our new Legacy International Center has hosted scores of public worship services with hundreds coming to Christ! The Worldwide School of Ministry and the first-ever Feast of Tabernacles were held at the new Legacy Center, impacting thousands all around the world!

These ministries which today are impacting multiplied thousands in the nations of the world cannot survive and thrive without the support of our members of our God’s Victorious Army like you. There is no other way to say it. I cannot lead our ministry into its best days ever, unless you stand with Mom and me.

God beautifully illustrated our relationship in Ecclesiastes 4:12:

And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.

That three-fold cord is woven together with God, Mom and me, and you. No matter who or what prevails against us, we together are a cord that cannot be broken. So, I am reaching out for you to stand in agreement with me to see our ministry DOUBLED, and fulfill the vision that our very best days of impacting the world for Jesus Christ are ahead of us.

Look again what Dad wrote in his note:

“Grab hold of your Future … Keep your Visions Alive … Remember who Birthed Them.”

You and I can grab ahold of our future, we can keep the vision alive by remembering the birth of our vision. It was God who birthed our vision. That birth came from God’s seed. There is no birth without a seed. God’s entire creation began with a seed. God spoke the universe and this world into existence with the seed of His Word.

So, it is with God’s promise of multiplication, I am going to invite you to plant a very special seed … a seed you plant believing God to release a DOUBLE-PORTION HARVEST.

With our DOUBLE PORTION SEED, we will believe God to fulfill the Vision, to DOUBLE our ministry outreach in the days that lay before us.

And with your DOUBLE-PORTION SEED, I want to come in agreement with you that God is going to DOUBLE a personal harvest in your life to fulfill your personal Vision.

Yours may be a vision for your family. You may have a vision for your ministry. It may be a financial vision. You may have a vision of health and healing for you and your loved ones. Click below to sow your double portion seed!

No matter what God-given vision is before you, I want to pray the Prayer of Agreement for a DOUBLE-PORTION HARVEST to fulfill the vision that God has for your life. Please join me with these steps.

  • Friend, step out in faith and plant your DOUBLE PORTION SEED to believe God for a DOUBLE PORTION HARVEST. Grab hold of your future … keep your visions alive … and birth a DOUBLE PORTION HARVEST with your special seed.
  • Then, write down your greatest personal need and your vision for God to meet that need. Mom and I will agree with you in prayer according to Gods promise:
    “Again I say unto you, that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.” Matthew 18:19

Send us your prayer requests today. Mom will join me and we will pray the Prayer of Agreement with you believing the promise from Jesus’ own words that whatever we ask shall be done for you.

Your Prayer Request

May His Blessings Overflow in Your Life,

David Cerullo

PS: I want to take this moment as I conclude this letter to honor my mother, lovingly referred to by her sons and daughters in the Gospel as MAMA. I have watched mom throughout my entire life sacrifice everything for the work of God. From taking care of Susan, Mark and I as the head of the household when Dad ministered in the nations of the world … to later traveling by his side circling the globe to build God an army.

Mom lived her life feeding daily on the Word to give her strength. She gave herself to intercessory prayer for her spiritual sons and daughters. And how she loved my Dad and how he loved his precious Theresa to the very end.

I have accepted the mantle to lead our ministry under the spiritual covering of my mother … and I love her more than words can say.