I asked for prayer for my finances. My husband had a stroke and is on disability. We were getting deeper into debt. We had need of a different vehicle and repairs on our home. My husband owns a business, which for the last few years has yielded a dividend just big enough to pay our taxes and accountant. Because of our circumstances, we received tax refunds and a dividend big enough to pay off our credit card debt, make repairs on our home, and possibly replace our old vehicle. Thank you Helpline, and to God be the glory!
Faye, Minnesota
I received a miracle breakthrough from God when I called Helpline! It started when I requested the Financial Bible along with five other books. I also pledged a seed of $500 to your Jewish World Outreach when I called Helpline for prayer about a worker’s comp court case that had kept getting delayed for four years. Within two weeks, the case was settled and I received enough to pay the $500 to your ministry, plus enough to pay my debts.
Cheryl, Illinois
Having lost my job, I was unable to pay my bank loan. The bank harassed me every month, demanding the money. I made a donation to Helpline as an act of faith to receive debt cancellation, and I also asked for prayer. About three months have gone by, the bank has not called me, and I want to thank God for canceling my debt. Thank you also, Helpline prayer team.
Derek, New York