I was a drug addict and dealer. My children were taken away from me. God stepped into my life and gave me back my son and saved me from serving seven years in prison for selling and packing a gun.
Tammy, Washington
I asked you to pray for my son’s drug addiction. He has rededicated his life to Christ and is now both drug and alcohol-free!
Jan, Alabama
Little did I dream at age 61 God would call me into the ministry as a Helpline In-Home Volunteer Prayer Minister. But, I need to share something wonderful with you that the Lord has done! I was a Christian who loved the Lord, but I was bound by a smoking addiction for several years. I cried out to God, “Before I can pray for others, I need nothing between You and me.” I gave everything over to God. I am now free!
Phyllis, New York
I requested prayer for my husband and our marriage. God is working! My husband has been delivered from crack cocaine, and God is doing a new thing in his life.
Candaisy, Georgia