The doctors told me I may have endometrial cancer because of severe, heavy bleeding. I called Helpline for prayer and after my last doctor’s visit, he told me the tests show everything is normal. Jesus healed me!
Linda, Canada
I sent in a prayer request to Helpline concerning the tumors in my bladder. My last visit with the doctor revealed no new tumors in my bladder and that the medical treatment had been successful. Praise the Lord, and God bless you all at Helpline.
Nellie, Georgia
I requested prayer for colon cancer as there was still a malignancy in my body after the first PET scan I had. But praise the Lord, after my second pet scan, the doctor’s report came back showing that all of the malignancy was clear. Thank you so much for your prayers and believing with me for my miracle!
Lillian, Louisiana
Helpline prayed with me for my 67-year-old father for a successful prostatectomy and miraculous recovery. He was released quickly from the hospital, much sooner than the other patients who had had similar conditions and operations. My father is pain-free and now back to normal.
Ruth, Florida