After attending the MCWE Board of Elders meeting, we received news that a man’s kidney and blood system were not functioning and also that he was diabetic. The doctor said there was no hope for him. We put a handkerchief that had been anointed by Dr. Cerullo on this man’s pillow at the hospital. Within two days, the doctor said that the patient is responding and his kidney and blood system are functioning again! Thank you Papa for sacrificing your life for many…we love you and appreciate you very much.
Chennelle, California
I sowed a seed into your ministry, and then went to an eye appointment. My right eye was healed from a hemorrhage due to diabetes.
LeRoy, South Carolina
I thank God for healing my husband, who has battled diabetes for over 10 years. The last time he went for testing, the doctor confirmed that there was no more diabetes in his blood. What an incredible miracle!
Chichi, France