I asked you to pray for my headache, with which I’d been stressed for about three years. I am now healed!
Maria, Angola
God sent me on an impossible mission over the past four years, and now it has successfully ended! Our Father stayed with me all during this dangerous time, when I could have been killed many times. I went to deliver the Word of God where no civilian who isn’t in the military could go. God bless you Brother and Sister Cerullo; your website helped me in many a dark hour. Thank you so much!
Chandra, Illinois
I called your prayer line because my doctor told me that I might have cancer. I was so scared and felt so alone. The wonderful lady at Helpline who prayed for me had gone through the same thing and understood what I was feeling. Since then, the bleeding has completely stopped, and I know that God has healed me. He knew exactly who to send to pray with me. We serve a mighty God and I just praise Him and give Him all the glory and honour.
Christine, Canada
As soon as I sent a prayer request to Helpline, peace flooded my heart and I felt freedom from the fear and anxiety I had been battling.
Claudia, Canada