I called Helpline for prayer on behalf of my granddaughter for God’s healing her from heart failure. My daughter and I were told at the hospital that she would need a heart transplant. She was placed on a Berlin heart until three days later God stepped in. Not only one heart was received, but three hearts from which the doctors could choose the best one. My granddaughter is recovering. Thank you, Morris Cerullo, for the vision God has given you for Helpline. I know it is truly a ministry sent by the hands of Jesus. I love you all and will forever keep you in my prayers.
Alma, Michigan
My sister-in-law had been on dialysis for 34 years when she received a kidney transplant.
Marie, Oregon
Glory, praise and thanksgiving to God for bringing my daughter safely through surgery. She was healed from a great loss of blood and her iron levels had plummeted very low – much too low for a 29-year-old young woman. The doctors were surprised that she did not have organ failure. Now her blood and iron levels are great and she received the desire of her heart, which was not to have her ovary removed. My daughter also didn’t have to pay additional money that she was told would be her responsibility but rather her health care provider covered the expense. I thank God and you for this wonderful, caring, available ministry and your prayer partners who have prayed and interceded for my daughter and so many others in my family. You are all wonderful… Brother Cerullo, Sister Theresa, and all of your compassionate prayer warriors – thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart! Truly, our Father is worthy of all our worship, adoration and praise!
Natalie, Arizona
My 84-year-old mother was in ICU for six weeks, with her body inflated with fluids, unable to speak or identify anyone. The doctors didn’t expect her to live, but after I called Helpline for prayer, God intervened. Her kidneys, heart, bladder, etc, started working and she came home from the hospital.
Molly, Virginia