After the surgery I had recently, my legs were paralyzed from the medications given during the surgery. The devil tried to convince me that my legs would not ever work again, but I got out my Morris Cerullo Healing Bible and started confessing the Word of God. I thanked God for His healing power working in my body, and now I am able to move my legs again!
Ramona, California
I could barely walk but after Helpline prayed for me, I felt the power of God and the pain left.
Lynn, Washington State
I asked for prayer for my friend, who had cellulitis for years and recently his legs became infected. He is doing much better and has told the doctor that it was the Lord.
James, California
I would like to thank God for answered prayers. My husband had terrible pain in his leg and could not walk. I watch Helpline every Saturday night. This time you were praying for healing. God touched my husband and healed his leg. Thank you Dr. Cerullo…may the good Lord continue to use you to do His wonderful works!
Ingrid, Florida