I had said the “sinner’s prayer” lots of times but never really committed my life to Jesus until the summer of 2006. I had been watching dirty videos and looking at dirty magazines. Then one day, I was sitting in front of my computer and the Holy Spirit finally convicted me of my sins. This time, I truly committed my life to Jesus and threw away all the videos, DVDs, and magazines in the garbage. I’m now taking Bible courses to become an evangelist.
Steven, California
Praise be to God! My son and two of his friends came to church on Sunday; they went forth to the altar and got saved. They had all been members of gangs. I thank God for Helpline and for the faithful prayers of your prayer ministers.
Chaya, United Kingdom
Since I’ve been reading your materials and sending in prayer requests, the Lord has blessed me with healing and with a Christian man, though we haven’t yet set the marriage date. Also, my two girls have accepted the Lord! I thank Him so much for all that He is doing in our lives!
Dianne, Canada