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Studies on Healing

The Greatest Miracle

The greatest miracle is not the opening of blind eyes or deaf ears or the straightening of crippled limbs. The greatest miracle is the healing of the sin-sick soul. If you have never experienced the

Receiving And Ministering Deliverance

For too long the work of demons has been dismissed by many as a curious practice in heathen cultures. It has not been considered as a problem which invades lives, homes, churches, and nations. But

Follow-Up Care For Those Seeking Healing

It is important that those who have been healed receive follow-up ministry. Jesus gave follow-up instructions to those who experienced healing and deliverance. He spoke to the man who had been healed of leprosy: “And

Receiving And Ministering Healing

I. PRELIMINARY PREPARATIONS There are some important preparations before you begin to minister healing. These include preparing yourself as the channel of God’s healing power and the person to whom you are to minister healing.

Types Of Sickness

When we speak of sickness or disease we mean any spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical problem. There are basically five types of sickness: spiritual sickness: Sin is spiritual sickness. If it is not dealt with, sin

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