The Power of the Pentecost & Seven Blessings of Pentecost DVD


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The Power of Pentecost book
Do you want to experience a renewal of the power of Pentecost the same as when God literally breathed down spiritual fire in the Upper Room? Then get ready to go past the point of blessing to experience the fullness of God’s power in this powerfully anointed book.
You too, can experience the fire of the Holy Spirit burning within! One hundred and twenty of Jesus’ closest disciples were praying fervently in the Upper Room when the Holy Spirit fell upon them in Acts, Chapter 2.
God wants to pour out His Spirit upon your life—perhaps like you have never experienced before. That’s why I am so excited to share this revelation with you.
I’ve included a Bible Study on the Feast of Pentecost. As you read the entire book, embrace its powerful truths, and apply them to your life. I believe that as you do, every aspect of your life, your family, and your ministry will be turned right-side-up by an overwhelming overflow of Holy Ghost FIRE!
Seven Blessing of Pentecost DVD
Experience the dynamos explosion of God’s power when you hear AND act on the revelatory teaching of stepping into the SEVEN BLESSINGS OF PENTECOST on this awe-inspiring DVD. God will lift the level of your expectancy so that you will never, ever be defeated by Satan’s power again!
God gave me this life-changing revelation of Pentecost in an anointing service in Dallas, Texas. It will change your understanding of Pentecost forever!
Order this faith-filled, anointed Pentecost combo package today!

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