The Prayer Pack


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Breaking Satan’s Conspiracy Against Your Family

Behind all of the shocking statistics that we hear today there is a conspiracy, devised by Satan, to destroy the very foundation of our home. Do not be deceived! The evil spirits must be bound before the battle in your home can be won!

Inside this book, you will learn:

  • Satan’s conspiracy exposed!
  • The root cause behind the increase in violent crimes amongst youth.
  • How to break the cycle of abuse.

Lord Teach Us To Pray

Receive the end-time prophetic prayer anointing, and enter into a powerful prophetic anointing that will spill over into dimensions that have only been known by Old Testament prophets.

  • Learn how to persevere in prayer.
  • Go beyond ordinary prayer to a new, higher level of intercession.
  • Use prayer to command faith.
  • Enter into throne room intercession.

Elijah Institute Prayer Manual

This manual is a resource tool, a spiritual arsenal with guidelines to help you pray more effectively for the nations. It divides the world into 10 major regions with prayer profiles for each country, as well as some of the major unreached people groups within each country.


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