Prepare for Victory

Trending News: Victory is sweet for the 60+ countries that have medaled during the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Prepare for Victory2016-08-20T07:00:57-07:00

There is Hope and Healing for You

Trending News: Countless millions of people die every year from sickness and disease, believing doctors when they say, “There is no hope;

There is Hope and Healing for You2016-08-06T07:00:22-07:00

Perfect Your Faith, And Prosper

Trending News: Personal debt is on the rise, people are struggling to meet their needs, jobs are scarce, and many are losing

Perfect Your Faith, And Prosper2016-07-30T07:00:37-07:00

Receive Victory Now!

Trending News: The Bible is full of answers for every question and every need you have. Why suffer with pain, sickness, financial

Receive Victory Now!2016-03-26T07:00:49-07:00

There Is Great Power In Prayer

Trending News: Countless people around the globe tell how they have received miraculous answers to prayer. Do you have financial problems, a

There Is Great Power In Prayer2016-03-12T07:00:34-08:00
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