This is the Time

I believe that this is where we are today. We are seeing an unprecedented outpouring of God’s Spirit. We are receiving the

This is the Time2020-01-18T05:55:22-08:00

Fear Thou Not, For I Am With Thee

Trending News This Week: The Most Popular Bible Verse in 2018: Isaiah 41:10 – Fear thou not; for I am with

Fear Thou Not, For I Am With Thee2018-12-15T07:00:56-08:00

Pray for Israel

Trending News This Week: Thousands of Christians Flock to Israel to Celebrate the Feast of Sukkot — Over the past week, Jerusalem

Pray for Israel2018-09-29T07:00:11-07:00

You Are a Child of God

Trending News: Another child of God has come home | Billy Graham’s children remember his legacy

You Are a Child of God2018-04-07T07:00:28-07:00


New Year’s Resolutions: Wake up rejoicing every day, for today is the day that the Lord has made. Spend time in prayer

VICTORY IN 20162016-01-02T07:00:43-08:00


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