The Lord Shall Be Your Guard

Trending News This Week: How Volunteering Changes Lives – Have you ever noticed that when everything seems to be going along

The Lord Shall Be Your Guard2019-02-09T07:00:57-08:00

The Purpose of God in Your Life

Trending News This Week: 3 Prayer Stages to Lead You into Deeper Intimacy with Jesus- Charisma What an incredible time we

The Purpose of God in Your Life2019-02-02T07:00:21-08:00

Fasting and Faith Week 3

Trending News This Week: Church Leaders Urge Christians to Pray for Unity– As we enter our third and final week of

Fasting and Faith Week 32019-01-26T07:00:34-08:00

Fasting and Faith Week 2

Trending News This Week: Nation’s Leaders Must Serve All People – As we enter into our second week of our 21

Fasting and Faith Week 22019-01-19T07:35:19-08:00

Fasting and Faith Week 1

Trending News This Week: Now and Not Yet: What the Bible says about the Kingdom of God – Is not this

Fasting and Faith Week 12019-01-12T07:00:34-08:00

Get Ready For A New Beginning

Trending News This Week: The Power of Hope – In this new year, 2019, God is going to open your spiritual

Get Ready For A New Beginning2018-12-29T07:00:02-08:00


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