This is not of God, but of Satan

Trending News This Week: “Trump is right: Fight against terrorism is battle of ‘good vs. evil’.” (New York Post) We are living

This is not of God, but of Satan2017-07-15T07:00:48-07:00

Victory Comes Through Wisdom

Trending News: Most people would agree that wisdom, knowledge, and understanding help us all to succeed in life. Beloved, fear of the

Victory Comes Through Wisdom2016-09-10T07:00:14-07:00

Victory Comes By Seeing The Invisible

Trending News: Daily, people are bombarded with thoughts that bring fear, depression, and hopelessness. They look at their circumstances and see no

Victory Comes By Seeing The Invisible2016-07-23T07:00:50-07:00

Fearing Giants More Than God

Trending News This Week: Islamic State militants have blown up the Arch of Triumph, a major monument in the 2,000-year-old Roman city

Fearing Giants More Than God2015-10-10T00:00:09-07:00


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