You Are A Full-Time Minister

Beloved, now is the time to really engage in preparing and praying for the National Day of Prayer. Thursday, May 2nd, we

You Are A Full-Time Minister2019-04-27T07:00:40-07:00

Christ’s Love Means…

Trending News This Week: Jesus disappearing from Christmas as Santa takes over – Christian Special Christmas greetings! Theresa and I send

Christ’s Love Means…2018-12-22T07:00:53-08:00

What NOT to do in Financial Crisis

Trending News This Week: Are We Separating Our Faith From Our Finances? — The Christian Post Beloved, every week I receive numerous

What NOT to do in Financial Crisis2018-08-18T07:00:56-07:00

Legacy Center Victory

Trending News: Morris Cerullo Wins OK for Mission Valley Legacy Center ~ TIMES of SAN DIEGO

Legacy Center Victory2017-10-19T09:37:33-07:00


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