What God Requires

Trending News This Week: 9 dead in fatal shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon. The shooter, a 20-year-old male is said

What God Requires2015-10-06T02:45:00-07:00

Choosing To Obey

Trending News This Week: A suicide bomb attack on a mosque in Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, has left at least 25 people dead

Choosing To Obey2015-09-26T00:00:52-07:00

What Will You Do?

Trending News This Week: Hungarian, riot police have fired tear gas and water cannon to force back migrants from the Serbia-Hungary border.

What Will You Do?2015-09-19T00:00:21-07:00

Don’t Forget What God Has Done

Trending News This Week: Kentucky county clerk refuses to issue same-sex marriage licenses. Migrants shut Eurostar trains to UK as they storm

Don’t Forget What God Has Done2015-09-04T12:45:36-07:00

What Voice Will You Hear?

Trending News This Week: Chemical specialists sent to Tianjin, China, after massive industrial port explosion. Kentucky defies federal judge’s order and denies

What Voice Will You Hear?2015-08-14T14:09:01-07:00


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