United We Stand

Beloved, do you know why we haven’t been able to experience true unity in the Spirit? Why we haven’t been able to

United We Stand2019-07-20T05:55:37-07:00

Be A Hero

Beloved, we are living amongst superheroes every day. My blog is probably not where you expect to read about superheroes, but as

Be A Hero2019-07-06T07:00:19-07:00

For Such A Time As This

Throughout the Bible, we have story after story where God takes a nobody and makes somebody. God likes to take nothing and

For Such A Time As This2019-06-29T07:00:11-07:00

Wisdom & Discernment

Before God formed the world, He planned for us to have His wisdom manifested through us. He has made it possible for

Wisdom & Discernment2019-05-18T07:00:08-07:00

Do You Want to Be Used By God

Beloved, God has called you to do things that you are completely incapable of doing … and you will NEVER be capable

Do You Want to Be Used By God2019-05-11T07:00:24-07:00

Discover your Miracle Power

Trending News This Week: Does Easter Always Follow Passover? – ChristianHeadlines.com Most of us go through life depending on our own ability

Discover your Miracle Power2019-04-06T07:00:18-07:00

A Prayer for Miracle Power Living

Trending News This Week: How God Will Raise Your Level of Faith, Make the Impossible Possible – CharismaNews.com Beloved, I am preparing

A Prayer for Miracle Power Living2019-03-30T07:00:20-07:00


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