Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

Trending News This Week: Day to Pray: The Jerusalem Peace Initiative — The International Day of Prayer for the Peace of

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem2018-10-06T07:00:52-07:00

Pray for Israel

Trending News This Week: Thousands of Christians Flock to Israel to Celebrate the Feast of Sukkot — Over the past week, Jerusalem

Pray for Israel2018-09-29T07:00:11-07:00

The Secret to A Longer Life

Trending News This Week: Study Links Religious Service Attendance to Longer Life – In a recent study conducted by the Journal

The Secret to A Longer Life2018-07-28T07:00:16-07:00

There is Great Power in Prayer

Trending News: Police officer says prayer over boy before brain surgery ~WSB Atlanta Hermits, marigolds and prayer: cave rescue triggers Thailand’s spiritual

There is Great Power in Prayer2018-07-21T07:00:32-07:00

Pray With Us

Trending News This Week: Trending News This Week: Thailand: All 12 Soccer Players and Their Coach Have Been Rescued from Caves –

Pray With Us2018-07-14T07:00:54-07:00


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