Going Beyond Ordinary Prayer

Trending News: A more intimate relationship with God can completely transform your prayer life, build your confidence to know who you are

Going Beyond Ordinary Prayer2016-11-05T07:00:05-07:00

Jesus Intercedes On Your Behalf

Trending News: Intercession from our great High Priest brings us the victory. What we see with our physical eyes and comprehend with

Jesus Intercedes On Your Behalf2016-10-29T07:00:48-07:00

Abiding In Jesus Brings Victory

Trending News: Many Christians fail to receive victory over their problems because they give up too soon. Victory will come with determination

Abiding In Jesus Brings Victory2016-10-15T07:00:40-07:00

Destroying Satan’s Strongholds

Trending News: 13-year-old girl abducted from a Chicago park, raped. Transgender couple in Ecuador becomes first in the world to give birth

Destroying Satan’s Strongholds2016-10-01T07:00:24-07:00

Abiding In Jesus Brings Victory

Trending News: Many Christians have spent much time seeking answers to prayers, but have not received. The reason may simply be that

Abiding In Jesus Brings Victory2016-09-24T07:00:33-07:00

It Is Time To Fight

Trending News This Week: California man serving life sentence for murder has won a lawsuit seeking sex reassignment surgery, a cost of

It Is Time To Fight2015-11-07T07:00:12-08:00


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