Abiding In Jesus Brings Victory

Trending News: Many Christians have spent much time seeking answers to prayers, but have not received. The reason may simply be that

Abiding In Jesus Brings Victory2016-09-24T07:00:33-07:00

Victory Comes By Seeing The Invisible

Trending News: Daily, people are bombarded with thoughts that bring fear, depression, and hopelessness. They look at their circumstances and see no

Victory Comes By Seeing The Invisible2016-07-23T07:00:50-07:00

One Simple Key to Victory

Trending News: Many people today are struggling to understand why they seem to live in continuous defeat, why their prayers aren’t answered,

One Simple Key to Victory2016-07-16T07:00:52-07:00

Strength Through Trials And Persecution

Trending News: Christians today are enduring more trials, temptations, and persecution than perhaps any other time in recent history. Beloved, when problems

Strength Through Trials And Persecution2016-07-02T07:00:19-07:00

It Is Time To Fight

Trending News This Week: California man serving life sentence for murder has won a lawsuit seeking sex reassignment surgery, a cost of

It Is Time To Fight2015-11-07T07:00:12-08:00

Rampant Sin-How To Do Battle Effectively

Trending News This Week: Sporting goods store kicks mom out after complaining about man in women’s bathroom. Presidential candidate’s pro-life stance is

Rampant Sin-How To Do Battle Effectively2015-10-17T00:00:51-07:00

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