Multiple Miracles from Prayer!
November 26, 2018

I would like to praise and thank the Lord for all the miracles that he has done in our lives: (1) Before we went to the Philippines, I asked for prayer for God’s miracle concerning the weather. We went there during the rainy and typhoon season. Praise God, we enjoyed the sun for the whole two weeks we were there after there had been three weeks of flooding and storms before we arrived. When we left, rains started to pour again. (2) Salvation of our relatives in the Philippines. Relationships were restored during our visit and a Bible study was also restored. (3) I was able to minister to my long-time friend, who had an issue in her marriage. (4) We were protected by the blood of Jesus from all sicknesses especially dengue fever which was prevalent in the area where we stayed. (5) Unforgettable bonding with our family and loved ones. Glory to God! And, thank God for your ministry.