Friends, are you in a place where you feel there is no way out? Are your stresses and fears of the world weighing down on you, more than you think you can bear?

You too can overcome the challenges you face by turning to your faith in a force greater than no other! I invite you to call one of our trained prayer ministers today. They’ll be here waiting for your call at 1-866-756-4200. Don’t wait, call now!

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Thyroid Healed!  No Cancer!

“I had a thyroid problem for 8 months. Doctors saw some nodules they believed could be cancerous. I called to be lifted up in prayer. I had 3 scans and they were all clear. It is a miracle. I love Mama and Papa Cerullo. They have been my spiritual parents for 30 years.” Geralynne

Delivered From Prescription Drugs and Set Free!


“I am a bull rider and became addicted to prescription drugs.  I called the prayer line several times for deliverance.  I like the Morris Cerullo prayer line because they pray the Word of God.  God has delivered me from prescription drugs and I am completely free!”  Anonymous

Prayer Brought Quick Change

“Thank you for praying for my son. He is healed in Jesus Name. He was admitted to the hospital with a 5.5 inflamed pancreas. The next day after prayer, the inflammation was at 1.1. The people who saw him are still trying to figure out the quick change. He was discharged and is having devotions every morning. He has NO desire for alcohol at ALL! When he got in his tub, ALL the black spots fell off his face and neck into his bathwater. When he got out, he said, “Mom, look at my face. It’s cleared up.” Glory to Jesus!” -Queen

Delivered From Suicide


“I called for pray because I was suicidal.  I did not want to live any more.  The Prayer Minister shared how satan wanted to destroy my life but Christ loves me.  I cried and surrendered my life to God and the Holy Spirit.”  Anonymous

Same Day Miracle After Seed Sown

“I sowed a seed on 10/15/19 for Israel and requested prayer for my granddaughter to get a job with benefits. On 10/25/19, she interviewed for a job. The organization hired her the same day! I thank God for intervening and for the prayers of MCWE.” -Beverly

Prayer Answered and Faith Increased

“Thank you for your prayers for my daughter for a job. God answered! The recruiter notified her that she got the job. Her faith has increased.” -Marvelle

Failed Exam Turned Around Through Prayer And Promotion Is On The Way!

“I called the prayer line on 9/18/2019 to request prayer for my daughter. She had taken an exam for a Supervisory position on her job. She failed the exam. After prayer, God intervened and gave her another chance to take the exam. This time she passed and is in the process of receiving her promotion.” -Beverly