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My Father Was a Buddhist Priest… Now I’m Building God’s Army in Israel!

National of the Month: Dinusha Nanayakara

My father was a very famous Buddhist leader. He had two daughters, but desperately wanted a son to carry the family name. One of his friends, a preacher, came to our house and told him that if he believed in Jesus, Jesus could give him a son.

As Buddhists, we prayed to so many gods, so my father said, “Sure I can do that,” and we started to go to church. A year later, after my brother was born, we were all following Christianity. When someone started a church in our area, we started going there.


When my father left for work in Kuwait, our family began to be persecuted for being Christians in Sri Lanka. When we went to church for prayer every day, Buddhist neighbors threw stones at us. They also began throwing stones at the church while we were in there.

One time, a big stone was thrown into the church that hit me in the head, but it split – and I was totally unharmed!

Fanatical villagers also burned Bibles and other churches. Some of the Buddhist businesses refused to service us or sell goods to us. People who converted to Christianity were even refused burials of their loved ones in in their “Buddhist” cemeteries.


Thirty years ago, I started my ministry, International Spiritual Ministries, after I moved to Israel with my family. God began to send me to minister in other nations—to India, Nepal, Philippines, and Europe. At one point, I travelled to more than 13 countries in just a short time. Others recognized the ministry God had given me, and I was ordained as an apostle.

When I arrived in a new town or region, we distributed flyers at the local stores and businesses. We used social media to promote the meetings. Soon, hundreds began to come. At almost every meeting, God met the people’s needs with many receiving salvation, freedom, and healing.

God directed me to start one church. Now, I’m overseeing six congregations.

Our ministry has four churches in Israel—Haifa, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Be’er Sheva; one in India, and another in Sri Lanka. Hundreds of people, including many Buddhists and Hindus, come to our services in search of salvation healing, and deliverance.

Many of our church members serve in the homes of Orthodox Jewish families. In these trusted positions, they have many opportunities to share the life-changing, good news about Jesus. God is on the move in Israel!

After people receive Christ as their savior, we train them and teach them. Some are ordained as leaders and sent to the nations or to different areas of Israel.

Two of my favorite books I use for training are Dr. Cerullo’s Financial Freedom Bible and The Miracle Book. Our curriculum also includes other books from Dr. Cerullo, such as Divine Appointment with Destiny, Lord Teach Us to Pray, With Christ in the School of Prayer, The Power of the Point of Contact, and Christ is Your Healer.

The stories shared in The Legend of Morris Cerullo fill me with a deep encouragement and desire to serve God wholeheartedly.


Our church brings God’s Word to the streets, where the lost can be found. We have provided food and provisions to the needy – especially during the recent pandemic.

In Sri Lanka, more than 10,000 women work in garment factories. For years, my ministry team and I have ministered to these women from Buddhist and Hindu backgrounds. The love of Christ draws them in and many receive the precious gift of salvation.

In Israel, I spearheaded an outreach to help the homeless, addicts, and prostitutes. My team and I went out each Saturday with packed lunches, Bibles, and the loving message of Jesus Christ. After ministering, we invited them to church where some accepted Jesus into their lives!

Then, because of travel restrictions related to COVID-19, I was not able to return home to Israel. However, God opened the door for me to get several visa extensions, and I have applied for a document that will allow me broader travel privileges as a minister.

Even during this challenge, I continued pastoring our ministry in Tel Aviv. Every day I join them in prayer via video calls, and every Saturday I pray with them online and provide guidance and direction for the outreaches of that day. For Sunday services, I am full-time with them on Zoom.


One day, God says to me in a meeting that there is a man who was paralyzed for three years due to an accident. I told people to lead him to the front … then I prayed … God told me to tell him to run. The man started running, lifting up the Name of Jesus.

In another service, a young man was led to the altar. I was told that he had mental issues. After he was slain in the Spirit for some time, he got up and started singing a beautiful worship song as he cried. The Spirit filled the room and more miracles occurred.


God has opened many doors for me through my partnership with Morris Cerullo World Evangelism. Every year I attend the World Conference, and take the training I receive back to Israel … and to the more than 30 nations where God sends me!

God has demonstrated His love with many miracles of healing, breakthrough, and people giving their lives to Christ. Also, I have been tremendously blessed. God has multiplied what I’ve sown into this ministry, many times over!

Papa Cerullo was a Paul who trained many Timothy’s, like me. God told him to build Him an army. That’s what we are doing in Israel and around the world!

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