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God’s Victorious Army

It was in 1962, in Porto Alegre, Brazil, that God asked Morris Cerullo, “What do you want from this life?” Morris responded by saying, “Give me the ability to take the anointing that You have placed on my life and transfer it to others.” God spoke to Morris that day in a clear and audible voice, “Son, build Me an army!” Since that time, Morris Cerullo has personally trained over FIVE MILLION foreign Nationals to take the saving and healing message of Jesus Christ to almost every nation on earth.

God’s Victorious Army (GVA) was established to help fund the training of these Nationals. God’s Victorious Army members pledge to give $30 or more each month to help to support World Evangelism’s overseas ministries, including the training of Nationals.


Nationals are men and women of God, born and raised in the same country in which they minister. Not limited by language or cultural barriers, our Nationals penetrate their own countries with the reality that the power of Jesus changes lives. The miracle of trained and anointed Nationals, reaching their own nations for the Lord, is exploding across the globe. Multitudes are still waiting to be trained, ready to serve God in their own countries.

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Your Monthly Partnership

Each month, our God´s Victorious Army members receive exciting testimonies from foreign Nationals who are reaching their nations for Christ. Each month, our members also receive personal training materials to help equip and mature them in their faith.

God´s Word says: … a threefold cord is not quickly broken (Ecclesiastes 4:12). YOU can become a part of the vital cord that makes God´s Victorious Army strong. World Evangelism, the foreign National, and YOU—with God’s anointing—will reach millions for Christ. With your God´s Victorious Army monthly commitment, you will help to fulfill the mandate that God has given to us to build Him an army. Your faithful, monthly GVA commitment of approximately one dollar a day ($30 a month) or more will be used to change the spiritual destinies of entire nations.

This year alone we are holding massive training outreaches in Mexico, Africa, the Philippines, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and more. We are going around the world to equip Nationals and save souls!

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Receive these benefits when you become a new member of God’s Victorious Army:

  • The monthly Frontline News newsletter, with exciting reports and testimonies from the Nationals that you are training.
  • God’s Victorious Army Membership Card. This card entitles you to receive 50 percent off the cost of approved books and training materials at our seminars and conferences.
  • Every month, World Evangelism will sow back into your life. You will receive powerful training materials designed to arm you with revelation knowledge on how to defeat the enemy and become victorious in every aspect of your life, 100 percent of the time!

Your monthly partnership gift to World Evangelism of $30 or more will build God’s Victorious Army around the globe!

Your monthly partnership gift will raise up National Christian ministers to spread the Gospel throughout their homelands!

Your monthly partnership gift will support the rallies and crusades that World Evangelism uses to bring the Gospel of Jesus to thousands of lost souls throughout the world!

Your monthly partnership gift will allow World Evangelism to create, translate, and print instructional materials that will be distributed to Nationals in every corner of the Earth!