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“God is not dependent on what we are … but what he can make of us!”

– Morris Cerullo

“The devil is not afraid of us, but he is afraid of Jesus. He is afraid of the badge and authority that we wear because we do not stand alone. We stand with Jesus!”
– Morris Cerullo

“Man lives in two worlds. We live in a natural world and a spiritual world.”

– Morris Cerullo

“Prayer is the most powerful force upon the Earth!”

– Morris Cerullo

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Thank you for generously contributing your gift to empower over 100,000 leaders in making a positive impact on their nations and cultures for the cause of Christ.

For seven decades, Dr. Morris Cerullo trained millions of Nationals all over the world, who have gone on to teach and train millions more.

When Nationals are trained, they preach the gospel to their culture, they establish churches, ministries, and other organizations that help the poor, care for orphans and the homeless, and provide jobs to countless numbers of people. Through his ministry, Dr. Cerullo saw the Gospel transform nations. Their transformation continues today through the ministry’s ongoing outreach driven by the financial support and prayer of our faithful partners.

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