About Theresa Cerullo

Mrs. Theresa Cerullo, Chairwoman of Morris Cerullo World Evangelism and wife of Dr. Morris Cerullo (internationally acclaimed evangelist, author and teacher), has stood shoulder to shoulder with her husband for 68 years of marriage and ministry in the nations of the world.

Theresa has fulfilled far more of a responsibility than that of a helpmate to her dearly departed husband.  From the humble beginnings of World Evangelism in the Cerullo’s family garage to the international high-tech ministry that World Evangelism is today, Theresa has served as the Corporate Secretary, office manager, printer, accountant, receptionist, personnel manager, crusade coordinator, School of Ministry director, development officer, preacher, teacher, prayer warrior, and most important of all, spiritual and personal advisor to the former President – Dr. Morris Cerullo.

Mrs. Cerullo, who is affectionately known as “Mama” to the friends and partners of World Evangelism, has been raised up by God with a powerful prayer ministry.   It is out of her lifetime of ministry experience and dedication to the call of God that Theresa brings leadership to World Evangelism.