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Passover Promises

February 28th, 2023|

CLICK HERE TO GIVE YOUR PASSOVER PROMISE OFFERING Dear Friend, It is here … April 5 – 7, we will celebrate the first of God’s commanded

Your Greater Blessing

February 13th, 2023|

"How would you like to receive a BLESSING greater than any BLESSING you have ever received before?” -Morris Cerullo Dear Friend, Within our

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All Things are Possible

February 1st, 2023|

PLANT YOUR COVENANT SEED GIFT HERE Dear Friend, Are you facing the impossible? A financial need for which there seems to be no answer ... An affliction in your body for

Million Soul Crusade

January 16th, 2023|

PLANT YOUR MILLION SOUL CRUSADE SEED HERE Dear Friend, Standing on the covenant promise God delivered to Abraham ... and in fulfillment of dad’s prophecy that our ministry would reach more lost souls

Unshakable Hope

January 5th, 2023|

PLANT YOUR FIRSTFRUITS SEED GIFT HERE Dear Friend, As we step into 2023, I have sent this email with a message from the unshakable, eternal, all powerful promises of God’s Word. It is the


December 21st, 2022|

CLICK HERE TO SOW YOUR RESTORATION HARVEST SEED GIFT Dear Friend, I am believing God that 2023 will be Your Year of Restoration ... that God will restore everything the devil has stolen


November 14th, 2022|

CLICK HERE TO PLANT YOUR RESTORATION SEED OFFERING Dear Friend, it is with inspired faith, renewed Hope, and on the authority of the unchanging promises of God’s Word that I am calling you


November 11th, 2022|

CLICK HERE TO PLANT YOUR SACRIFICIAL THANKSGIVING OFFERING Dear Friend, I know in my heart that my partners like you need a VICTORY BREAKTHROUGH! I live every day knowing the pain of the

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