Passing on the Mantle

For your gift of any amount, Theresa and David would like to send you Dr. Cerullo’s powerful, life-changing book, “PASSING ON THE MANTLE – THE ELIJAH LEGACY!” This is a must read for every “Elisha” that is tapping into the Elijah mantle from the life and ministry Morris Cerullo!

When we speak of the mantle of Elijah, we are not speaking about some sacred shroud or religious antiquity. The mantle that descended upon Elisha represented God’s sacred call…the destiny…and the anointing that rested upon Elijah. It wasn’t just Elijah’s words that identified him a prophet of the God of Israel. It was the POWER of God demonstrated through him as he walked in an intimate relationship with his Master.

Chapters include:

  • The Father’s Mantle
  • The Days of Elijah
  • The Place of Cutting
  • When The Brook Runs Dry
  • Into The Crucible
  • Let The Fire Fall
  • It’s Beginning To Rain
  • Coming Out Of The Cave
  • Where Is The Lord God Of Elijah
  • Dealing With Opposition
  • Preparing For The Move Of God
  • Filling Empty Vessels
  • How To Raise The Dead
  • The God Who Provides
  • Developing Spiritual Vision, and The Prophetic Mantle

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