Dear Friend, we are down to our last days before our epic Year of Increase World Conference on January 25, and I have not heard from you. If you have already registered … get ready for your increase breakthrough. But, if you have not registered it’s urgent that you respond today. This is the year of increase, and I am praying it will be your year of increase.

We are fast approaching the critical day, which I believe will be a divine inflection point that could change your life forever. This is the day I must have your name and your seed here at the Legacy International Center for our 2024 YEAR OF INCREASE WORLD CONFERENCE.

I don’t want anything to keep you from the incredible breakthrough of INCREASE that we believe God is going to release during our 2024 YEAR OF INCREASE WORLD CONFERENCE.

Why do I believe this will be a year of increase? The prophet Haggai tells us that there will come a time when God shakes the nations, and the treasures of all nations will come into the Kingdom.

“And I will shake all nations so that the treasures of all nations shall come in, and I will fill this house with glory, says the Lord of hosts. The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, declares the Lord of hosts.” Haggai 2:7,8 ESV

This prophecy surely encourages Israel that one day the Temple will be rebuilt, and the world’s treasures will be used to glorify God. It also encourages us that there will be a time of wealth transfer to the Kingdom that will facilitate bringing in a massive harvest of souls, preparing for the return of Jesus, and glorifying God with each soul saved!

We are seeing a shaking of the nations that seems to intensify with each passing year. I firmly believe that now, more than ever before, we need to be actively engaged in salvation and discipleship, for the Kingdom clock is winding down.

This is why I believe 2024 will be a year of increase. Increase salvations. Increased discipleship. Increased number of students being trained through the GVA School of Ministry to impact their nations. Increased opportunity to minister to your friends and family. Increased funds flowing through the hands of God’s faithful givers for Kingdom work.

When you are obediently exercising God’s principle of seedtime and harvest and get involved with what is important to God, you can believe His Word that He will be involved in what is important to you. And what is important to God is SOULS. I firmly believe the wealth transfer from the world to the Kingdom will happen through faithful sowers like you. But …

Don’t Let the Weeds Kill Your Seed!

Jesus gives the single greatest hindrance to planting seeds that will reap an abundant harvest of increase.

“He also that received seed among the thorns is he that heareth the word; and the care of this world, and the deceitfulness of riches, choke the word, and he becometh unfruitful.” Matthew 13:22

WARNING: The cares of this world will choke your seed. So many of my partners like you are facing great needs. Those needs may be financial, physical, hardships, disease, infirmity, lost loved ones, broken relationships, heartbreak, fear, and so many more cares of this life.

Give Your Seed to Meet Your Need …

The world will tell you to hold on to your seed in time of need. But God’s economy is “Give and it shall be given unto you …”

WARNING: The deceitfulness of riches will choke your seed. Satan is the great deceiver … the thief who will steal your seed by using financial success to lure you away from God. The devil’s plan is for you to rely on material gain rather than divine provision.

But our Lord promises that when you plant in rich, fertile soil your seed will be fruitful, multiply, and INCREASE … 30, 60, one hundredfold in souls for the harvest and in blessings back to you.

Satan’s Plan is for You to Decrease … God’s Promise is to Increase!

But our Lord promises that when you plant in rich, fertile soil your seed will be fruitful, multiply, and INCREASE … 30, 60, one hundredfold in souls for the harvest and in blessings back to you.

That is why I am praying that you will plant your SEED OF INCREASE into our YEAR OF INCREASE WORLD CONFERENCE by January 25 so your seed and your name will be here as we launch our MILLION SOUL CRUSADE for 2024 and believe God for your seed to reap a Harvest of Increase into your life.

I want to place your name on the YEAR OF INCREASE Prayer Altar and on our World Conference Big Screen, where our giants of faith like Brother Ayo, John Avanzini, Jonathan Cahn, Pastor Tommy Barnett, and Mario Murillo will lead our national ministers, partners, intercessors, and ministry delegates from the nations of the world to target your name, Friend, for God to release His promise of provision to supply all your needs … and more!

Your SEED OF INCREASE may be a seed of $50. God may lay it on your heart to plant a SEED OF INCREASE of $75 or even $100. Let God speak to your heart with the exact amount He wants you to give.

Take the SEED OF INCREASE that is in your hand and release it, believing God for a manifold increase of provision, increased blessings, increased abundance returned back to you … and the amazing blessing you will be to a lost and hurting world.

Please Respond Today! I Want Your Seed and Your Name on the Altar for Our Year of Increase World Conference

As my blessing back to you, I will rush you our first and newest devotional for 2024. It is titled 30 Days to Your Increase … and is a treasure of Dad’s financial breakthrough revelations. Through this 30-day devotional, you can walk day by day into God’s promise of increase and abundance our Heavenly Father has ordained for you.

I will rush your copy just as soon as I hear from you so that together, we can begin your journey into 2024 … Your Year of Increase.

May God Bless You with increase,

David Cerullo


I have prepared a bonus blessing for you. I have taken 30 personal promises of increase and prepared them as your pocketbook companion to your 30-day devotional. Every day as you journey on your 30 Days to Increase, you can hide God’s direct, eternal, unalterable promise of increase in your heart through your 30 Personal Promises of Increase. God’s Word will ignite your faith for increase in 2024!

The 30 Day Devotional and 30 Personal Promises of Increase Are My Seeds of Increase Into Your Life.