Trending News This Week:

  • A suicide bomb attack on a mosque in Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, has left at least 25 people dead and wounded at least 36.
  • Pope Francis has urged the US Congress to see migrants as people and not as numbers.
  • Volkswagen has admitted rigging emissions tests in Europe in the same way it falsified results in the US; over 11 million cars are recalled.

Current news headlines reflect the turmoil happening every day around us. But, if you keep your eye on God, who has already defeated the work of the enemy at the cross, and continue to learn to walk in righteousness, then His blessings, victory, peace, and protection will surround you.

God has positioned you for victory. He has set before you new spiritual territory and is telling you, “Go up and possess it!”

  • It is time for you to walk in the power God has planned for you.
  • It is time for you to press on into the perfection that is possible in Christ.
  • It is time for you to walk in one-hundred percent victory over Satan, the flesh, and the world.
  • It is time for you to enter into a place of total trust and faith in God that will enable you to look at every circumstance absolutely free from worry, knowing that God will give you victory.

Your spiritual inheritance, including all the covenant promises of God, is yours! Legally, they belong to you. However, having the promises is not the same as taking possession of them. To enter into this new spiritual territory, you must be willing to walk in obedience to God and His Word. You must be willing to go into battle and take dominion over the enemy in your life.

Satan will do everything possible to get you to turn back and disobey God. He will try to get your eyes on the giants of your weaknesses and inabilities. He will make you think you are too weak spiritually, that you have too many problems, and that your faith is weak.

Israel’s victory over their enemies was not based upon their human strength and abilities. It was not dependent upon the strength or weaknesses of their enemies. Their victory was de­pendent upon God’s ability. They were to go into battle against their enemies, but it was God Who was going to drive out the enemy and give them victory.

Israel was defeated because they had their eyes focused upon their own limited strength instead of upon the power of Almighty God and His faithfulness to keep His promises and give them victory.

God has set before you a new spiritual territory. He has told you to take possession of it. His one requirement is obedience. Your ability to walk in one-hundred percent obedience to God is not dependent upon your own limited strength; it is dependent upon God’s ability. If you keep your eyes on your own strength, you will be tempted to turn back.

By faith, Caleb looked beyond the giants, beyond his own limited strength, and saw the power of God. He was convinced that God would deliver them out of the hands of their enemies, just as He had promised. He said, “… We are well able to overcome it … if the Lord delights in us, then He will bring us into this land and give it to us …” (Numbers 13:30; 14:8).

You must now, by faith, begin to look beyond your own limited strength and keep your eyes upon God’s ability. You must choose to obey. You must yield yourself to God and walk in obedience in His strength!

Say this faith declaration out loud: “I will walk in the power God has planned for me. I will press on into the perfection that is possible in Christ. I will walk in one-hundred percent victory over Satan, the flesh, and the world.”

Scripture Reading:

But my servant Caleb, because he had another spirit with him, and hath followed me
fully, him will I bring into the land whereinto he went; and his seed shall possess it.

Numbers 14:24

Say unto them, As truly as I live, saith the Lord, as ye have spoken in mine ears, so will I do to you.

Numbers 14:28