Friend, we are now entering into one of God’s special appointed times. A season He has ordained to be celebrated forever … The Feast of Tabernacles.

He set aside this time for all of His children to celebrate the Harvest of His provision and has prepared a powerful DOUBLE-PORTION of promised blessings for those who celebrate with Him and bring a Feast of Tabernacles Offering.


I am praying that God will ignite your faith to believe for the promise of the DOUBLE-PORTION … for Him to magnify and multiply your Feast of Tabernacles Offering into an abundance of provision, prosperity, health, and unmatchable joy such as you have never experienced before.

In Deuteronomy 16 God gives us clear instructions to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles. Contained within every instruction and every command there is the covenant promise of God’s DOUBLE-PORTION Abundant Harvest of blessings.

OVERFLOW … The Feast of Tabernacles celebrated the greatest harvest of the Year … the ingathering of corn and wine (v.13). Fall is Harvest time. The ingathering of the fall Harvest was the richest, most abundant, overflowing with the blessings of God … greater than any of the other feasts of the year.

REJOICE … The unbridled joy and celebration during the Feast of Tabernacles was a direct result of God’s literal, tangible, and overflowing blessings of a DOUBLE-PORTION INCREASE of the Fall Harvest … because the Lord thy God shall bless thee in all thine increase, and in all the works of thine hands, therefore thou shalt surely rejoice. (v.15)

FOR YOU … God opened the Feast of the Tabernacles to all His Children. (v.11,13). From the rich to the poor, from children to foreigners, from sons and daughters to servants. From every generation to you and me today. This was God’s special season to bless all who come to honor Him … forever.

FOR SOULS … Rejoice, Friend, your Feast of Tabernacles Offering will be planted in our ministry’s efforts to advance God’s Kingdom by building God an army by reaching lost souls through our many outreaches to the uttermost parts of the earth. You are planting your Tabernacle’s Seed Offering into fertile soil!

As you plant into the Kingdom through MCWE, you are showing your obedience and reverence for God. He has set aside the Feast of Tabernacles as a special time to release the overflow Harvest of blessings He has prepared for you.

Three times in a year shall thy males appear before the Lord thy God in the place which he shall choose; in the feast of the unleavened bread, and in the feast of weeks, and in the feast of tabernacles: and they shall not appear before the Lord empty. (v.16)


Your Feast of Tabernacles Offering is a sacred event on God’s time clock set aside to present a sacred and holy offering to Him.

The Feast of Tabernacles is so special to God as a season of blessing upon His people, He promises an amazing, DOUBLE-PORTION Blessing. That overflowing DOUBLE-PORTION Blessing is recorded in Joel Chapter 2 when Joel the prophet declared:

It was the Feast of Tabernacles season and Joel proclaimed 7 DOUBLE-PORTION Blessings for you:

1. A DOUBLE-PORTION of Rain: (v.23)

2. Prosperity and Abundance: (v.24)

3. Restoration: (v.25)

4. Special outpourings of Provision: (v.26)

5. God’s Presence and Favor: (v.27)

6. Blessings for your Sons and Daughters: (v.28)

7. Deliverance from Harm and Oppression: (v.32)

Friend, as my special “Thank You” gift for your Tabernacles Offering, I want to send you my DVD: Your Appointed Time. In this DVD I unlock ancient biblical secrets that promise unusual and supernatural blessings God has promised to you and me during the incredible Harvest Time Season: The Feast of Tabernacles.

Your eyes will be opened to the secrets of the Feast of Tabernacles abundance that God has promised for you and me today and will be celebrated for eternity.

And then I will explain how the greatest harvest feast of the year, the Feast of Tabernacles, is God’s appointed time for a DOUBLE-PORTION overflow of His abundance in your life.

Friend, imagine what your life would be like if you suddenly received a whole new level of God’s favor in your finances, your health, your career, and your relationships.


Please don’t miss your appointed time for God’s promise of the DOUBLE-PORTION Blessing of the Feast of Tabernacles.

Ask God to lead you to give a special Feast of Tabernacles Offering of $50, $100, $250 or whatever God lays on your heart to give.

With your Feast of Tabernacles Offering, your name will be there at our Feast of Tabernacles Celebration at the Legacy Center beginning on September 28 when we rejoice, celebrate, and give praise to our Almighty God for the release of His DOUBLE-PORTION Blessings to overflow and meet your personal needs.

Don’t delay. Feast of Tabernacles begins on September 28.
This is your Appointed Time!

I believe God has made an appointment with you today. If you keep that appointment, you can trust Him to be blessed in extraordinary ways.

Your friend,

David Cerullo


With your Feast of Tabernacles offering, I will send you my DVD: Your Appointed Time. Together we will believe God for you to step into a whole new level of God’s favor in your finances, your health, your career, and your relationships.