You Changed Lives and Helped Train Over 10,000 Nationals in Europe!

Partner, I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you made it possible for me to cross through Europe in three days, making this journey like no other. Your faithful giving and prayers helped to bring about some of the most life-changing victories we have ever encountered with healings, deliverances, and salvations.

For three days, we saw heaven pour out blessings upon blessings as altars were full of hungry European Nationals crying for the glory of God to hit their lives like never before!

Maybe you couldn’t go with me, but you were there with me. Your prayers reached heaven and
God answered!

You’re Raising Up Nationals in PARIS!

We ministered to over 8,000 people with my friend, Pastor Nuno Pedro of Charisma Christian Church in Paris, France. Your prayers and gifts lead to thousands of lives, families, and ministries changed—they will never be the same again!

God told me, “Son, this ministry must never die.”

This work of the Kingdom will continue until Jesus comes.

We are moving forward with the Legacy Center.

You’re Raising Up Nationals in London!

We had an unforgettable Night of Prophetic Breakthrough at the House of Praise Camberwell with our dear friend, Andrew Adeleke, where we invited our Partners in London for an incredible night of prayer and breakthrough.

Something broke in the atmosphere as God led me to pray an anointed prayer for everyone in the room.

Partner, you are reaching the world for Jesus Christ through your prayers and faithful giving. You aptly share in all of the victories we experienced in this most awesome trip through Europe.

I am simply amazed at the lives that have been changed forever to reach the souls of those in places only Nationals can go. God showed me years ago that this was the way to reach the world for the Gospel—Africans for Africa, South Americans for South America and Europeans for Europe.

I cannot travel around the world to raise and train Nationals without you. Thank you for holding up my arms for victory! Together, you and I are reaching the world for SOULS!

I love you more than words can say.


You’re Raising Up Nationals in London!

We moved onto Holland for a Prophetic Night of Breakthrough with our precious Partners at the Power City Church in Leiderdorp. God led me to personally lay hands on everyone who attended, releasing an anointing that will bear fruit for all eternity