Are you in prison?

I am not asking about being locked behind iron bars in a prison cell … but my heart is burdened that you are struggling in a lockdown that has left you:

In a financial lockdown … a physical lockdown … an emotional lockdown … or a lockdown in relationships.

If you are in a lockdown today, I have asked God to use this email to help you activate the Favor of God and set you FREE:

FREE from the financial prison of “not enough” …
FREE from the physical prison of infirmity in your body …
FREE from fear, depression, anxiety, and confusion …
FREE from the isolation of broken relationships …

This is your promise:


Friend, regardless of the circumstances you find yourself in today … GOD’s FAVOR NEVER FAILS!

You can see a perfect example of God’s promise of unfailing favor in the life of Joseph. His life story recorded in the book of Genesis is your promise that God’s unfailing favor can take you from prison to the palace.

As a favored child of God, Joseph found himself in prison.

Joseph was sold into slavery in Egypt by his jealous brothers. As a slave in Potiphar’s house, God’s Favor promoted him to overseer of Potiphar’s entire household.

Potiphar’s wife falsely accused Joseph of rape which landed Joseph in prison. You might think this was the end for Joseph, but …

Joseph’s story is the promise that God’s Favor never fails!

The warden of the prison saw God’s favor on Joseph and put Joseph in charge of all the prisoners and all that was done in the prison.

Through God’s gift of the interpretation of dreams, God promoted Joseph from prison to the palace of the King.

Pharoah recognized the hand of God on Joseph and promoted Joseph to second-in-command of all of Egypt.

Since God has made all this known to you, there is no one so discerning and wise as you. You shall be in charge of my palace, and all my people are to submit to your orders. Only with respect to the throne will I be greater than you. (Genesis 41:3,40)

Just as the Favor of God took Joseph from the prison to the palace, God’s favor will never fail you. The supernatural favor of God will open doors that no one can close. Just like Joseph, even though circumstances in life have you in lockdown, God’s favor can set you free.

Activate the Favor of God!

In his closing words to the church at Philippi, Paul unveils the secret to activating the favor of God. The Philippian church was a seed-faith-giving church that supported Paul’s ministry with their offerings.

In Philippians 4:18 Paul describes how their faithful offerings ascended into the throne room of Heaven with a fragrance that was pleasing to God.

At the moment I have all I need-more than I need! I am generously supplied with the gifts you sent me when Epaphroditus came. They are a sweet-smelling sacrifice that pleases God well. (Philippians 4:18 TLB)

Then, in the very next verse, Paul reveals that their faithful support of his ministry … what they did for him … God would do for them by pouring out His favor and meeting their every need.

But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:19)

It is absolutely true … what you do for God to reach lost souls through our MILLION SOUL CRUSADE, God will do for you by pouring out His favor and meeting your every need according to Philippians 4:19!

This is the key to releasing the favor of God into your life !

When you enter the sacred relationship of seed-faith giving and receiving with the Lord, your offerings ascend into Heaven with the fragrance of sacrifice …

… and then your loving Heavenly Father whose heart is touched by your offering of sacrifice releases back to you the promise that He will supply your every need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

If you are struggling today to be free from a financial prison lockdown … to be free from physical infirmity, free from fear, anxiety, depression … free from isolation of broken relationships …

I invite you to join me in giving to God a sweet-smelling offering … your very best seed-faith gift to release God’s favor into your life with the promise that your loving heavenly Father will meet ALL your NEEDS according to His RICHES IN GLORY BY JESUS CHRIST.

Make your offering a sweet-smelling offering by making it an offering of true sacrifice.

If a seed gift of $50 is not a sacrifice … give $75
If a seed gift of $75 is not a sacrifice … give $100
If a seed gift of $100 is not a sacrifice … give $150

You can move the hand of God toward you if you move what’s in your hand toward Him …

Friend, whatever you give, make it a sweet-smelling offering to release the Favor of God to meet all your needs according to His riches in Glory.

With your sweet-smelling offering, I will send you a book that will help you understand and activate the Favor of God in a new dimension that you have never expected before. The book is titled LIVING IN THE F.O.G. (Favor of God) by my good friend and best-selling Christian author, Mike Evans.

Do you want to attract God’s favor in your life? Do you want to be like a magnet that draws abundant blessings from the Father? Do you want to be so blessed that you can be a blessing to others from your overflow? Then you need the revelation revealed in this amazing book.

Don’t let the enemy lock you down. The Favor of God will set you free. Turn your hand to God with a sweet-smelling offering to release the riches of His glory into your life.

Believing for your breakthrough,

David Cerullo


Respond today and join me in the amazing life of the F.O.G.

The Favor of God!