God’s Miracle Anointing Heals & Delivers in Latin America

National of the Month: Gilberto Blackwood, Panama

When God called me into ministry, He birthed within me a hunger for the truth and fire of His Living Word. After I gave my life to Christ, I was dissatisfied with what I experienced in church – the Gospel was preached, but I didn’t feel or see any manifestation of real power or personal conviction.

Desperate for God’s power and presence, I searched for a ministry or mentor to lead and guide me to what was missing in my spiritual life.

One day, I received a package from San Diego, California with a book written by Dr. Morris Cerullo that changed my life.

What I learned is that the majority of churches do not use the power that God has given to us. Occasionally, a few will see or experience a deliverance miracle, but many others never will. How do I know? Because many have visited my church from other congregations – and left free, healed, and delivered.

God has shown me that His miracles of deliverance and healing are our daily bread.

This is my testimony of how God’s miracle-working power for deliverance and healing not only changed my life – but as God has anointed me, I am now leading others to salvation and deliverance … and training them to do likewise. I am building God an army!

The Book That Changed My Life

After I gave my life to Christ, I began observing the living testimonies of people professing His Name. In church, I sat among people who were saying “Amen,” but it felt like there was no spirit, no evidence of victory, and no real testimony. I didn’t see the love of Christ shared or demonstrated among our brothers and sisters. On my knees, I cried out to God, “This cannot be your Gospel … this cannot be your Word!”

Matthew 7:7-8 reads, Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.

I was desperate to experience the true power of God. I asked … I prayed … and God answered when Morris Cerullo World Evangelism sent me The Miracle Book.

That book had such an effect on me that before I even finished, I signed up to become a Partner! I had found God’s truth and fire in my life. I started getting all of Brother Cerullo’s materials, which I read THOROUGHLY. Then I received invitations to his conferences and Schools of Ministry.

At the first conference I attended, Papa Cerullo looked out into the crowd and said, “There are many of you here who are not satisfied with the service you are receiving. Many of you feel that there is more to this.” Wow! I jumped up with tears in my eyes and shouted, “Me!”

From that moment throughout the rest of the service, I felt like there was no one else in the room; Papa was speaking directly to me. From that day on, Morris Cerullo’s prophetic and apostolic mantle began to cover me.

It’s Like God Told Papa, “Tell My Son…”

Papa Cerullo ordained me after I completed the Online Ministerial Institute. Through the Elijah Institute, I learned how to engage in spiritual warfare. From the very first session, Papa always said or prophesied something that touched my life. It was as if he had a conversation with God about me, and then God told him, “Tell my son this.”

With the powerful anointing I received during this training, I began praying with confidence. I began to see the power of God manifested as he used me and cancer and HIV disappeared from people’s bodies, and souls were delivered from demonic influences and oppression … and I was not even a pastor yet.

One day, the Lord spoke to me, “You are my pastor. I will give you the five ministries; just be patient.” Then He showed me the five ministries in a powerful dream and vision. Today, as a pastor, the power of God is with me – in every service. Even in a simplest elders’ meeting, the healing power of God is present.

Whom the Son Sets Free…

I was a 32nd order Scottish Rite Freemason, a fraternal order that spans centuries of ancient religious orders and ceremonial rites.

God showed me that I was to help free others from the similar attachments and influences brought about by unholy alliances. Many of these attachments are the root cause of physical illnesses and disease. Once the unclean spirits were expelled, the diseases left.

In Mark 5, the Gadarene man was possessed by a Legion of spirits – a dangerous maniac. But when Jesus rebuked the unclean spirits, he was made whole, sane. This is the miracle-working deliverance anointing that God has given to me for His Church … to build up His Kingdom and bring people out of darkness.

I know what it is to face the enemy in his own territory and gain victory. Thanks to Papa’s teachings, I have the confidence to go forward and not question it. That same confidence is there for you – anyone willing to be used by God!

Miracles Follow God’s Truth & Anointing!

On the Day of Pentecost in 2005, I started my church, Truth and Fire International Apostolic Ministry, with five people in my home. God used me in every service to bring salvation, healing, and deliverance. As news of God’s miracles began to spread, our congregation grew. I found space to rent in the center of town and soon we grew to 500 members!

Baby Healed of Blocked Arteries!

At one service, a mother carried her one-month-old baby to the altar. She had four blocked arteries. Her parents said doctors told them even with surgery, there was no hope of survival. After intense, diligent prayers, in the space of months, one by one, the blockages opened and child was totally healed.

Toddler Comes Back to Life in Service!

During another service, a two-year old girl died – in service! She suddenly had no heartbeat, no pulse, no breath. I was preaching as her parents brought her to the altar. When the Spirit led me to lay hands on her, she suddenly she jumped and began breathing and moving. The entire service became a palace of praise!

God Fully Restored Baby to Normal Life!

In another service, parents brought a two-month-old baby boy to service that was brain dead. No hair. Never cried. Never moved. As the Holy Spirit gave discernment of the situation, I invited the congre- gation to an altar call. The parents came to the altar as someone held their son. As I prayed, the parents fell under the Spirit; and at the same time, the baby began to gasp, then cry, and move! His parents took him to the doctor that Monday, and it was confirmed that he was a normal, healthy baby! The power of God is REAL!!!

This Man Was Carried In, But He Walked Out!

A man was aided by three people to get him from a car to a seat in the church. When I finished preaching, I walked toward him and said, “Do you believe in the Word of God?” He said “Yes;” then I said, “Then hold my hands and raise.” He did. Then I told him, “Since you believe, do not put your weight on my hands but on God. Just follow me, but I will hold you slightly.” He made steps with me until I suddenly released him and he walked freely by himself. After the service, all by himself, he went and got a cab to go home.

Passing On The Mantle!

There is not one step I have taken that did not manifest and reflect the MCWE training and anointing on my life.

The ministers, leaders, and elders in my congregation trust me because they have seen the fruits of my preparation with Papa – not only by word, but by actions. From Papa Cerullo, we learned not to “play church.”

Papa taught me that when you do the work of God, you become a proof producer of the power of God given to man to do His works: heal the sick, give sight to the blind; the cripple walk, and people imprisoned by satanic bondages are set free. That is what church and ministry is about.

The COVID virus has hit many of our communities very hard. Many of our members, including my family and myself contracted the virus. Some have lost family members; many lost income.

We are reaching people through food distributions and ministering via Zoom meetings – now with 12 “cells” connecting Panama, the Dominican Republic, and Colombia.

As we continue navigating through a new “normal,” pray that God continues to reveal ways to reach the people of Latin America with the Good News of Jesus Christ!