God works a miracle

This is one in a series of daily excerpts from “The Legend of Morris Cerullo: How God Used an Orphan to Change the World.”

By Morris Cerullo

During the interim period prior to his journey to Greece one of the events Morris led was in Pennsylvania. It was a very well‑attended series of meetings: crowds two to three times the size of those jammed inside the tent were standing outside its canvas walls each night, straining to hear and be part of the incredible things that were happening.

Most importantly, not only did an abundance of people show up, but God was palpably present in a big way doing miracle after miracle among those who came day after day and night after night.

During one of the evening meetings Morris was led to step from the elevated platform to pray for a farmer woman whose backbone was so twisted and deformed that she could not come close to standing upright. She was hunched over in what had become her normal, albeit painful, posture. The Holy Spirit drew Morris’s attention to her, so he descended the steps to come next to her on the main floor. As he approached her, his heart went out to her. She was so misshapen that she looked like the letter L.

From her bent position she craned her head and saw Morris approaching her. Tears began to drop from her eyes, and she painstakingly raised her right hand toward him. Morris grasped her hand and felt the warm and electrifying sensation that often overtook him when God’s power coursed through him to heal someone.

God had been working overtime that night, and this was yet another spectacular moment in an evening that thousands of people would never forget. People who had never thought much about the power of God and those who arrived at the event comfortable in their disbelief in miracles were blown away by the supernatural acts God was performing through Morris at that crusade.

One of those who would treasure that night forever was the suffering farmer woman. The second Morris’s hand clasped hers, the woman was healed! She immediately stood up, erect as a steel beam. The flow of tears got stronger as she lifted her arms toward heaven. Morris smiled broadly and slapped his knee in excitement, raising his other fist in victory and shouting to God with joy and praise. He loved being used by God so intensely in changing people’s lives.

The Pennsylvania meetings continued on night after night, with the crowds growing bigger with each passing day.

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Several days after Morris had ministered to the crippled farm woman, he saw her again. She had come to another evening meeting, and this time she was standing tall and proud, smiling broadly. She whispered something in the ear of a security member at the foot of the stairs leading to the platform, then made a beeline for Morris. He was happy to see her again but was trying to focus on the night’s event. The service was in progress, and they were just a few minutes from him taking the microphone again, so he was trying to focus his mind and heart on what the Lord wanted him to do.

When the farmer woman reached Morris he smiled at her and shook her hand. She smiled back and handed him an envelope. Without looking at it, he thanked her, and she headed back to the main floor. Morris stuffed the envelope into the back of his Bible and turned his full attention back to the service.

As the woman reached the top of the steps before starting her descent she turned around to look at Morris. Noticing that he had not opened the envelope, she frowned and immediately turned around and headed back in Morris’s direction. Seeing the movement out of the corner of his eye, Morris glanced her way and then turned his body toward her. She, in turn, stopped and shouted above the din, “Prophet of God, you really need to open that envelope.” She then furiously motioned with her hand.

Anxious to refocus on the service, he nodded and quickly pulled out the envelope.

Inside the slim package was a beautifully crafted note thanking Morris for his part in her healing and praising God for His love to her. The letter described the pain she had been in, the duration of her agony, and her blind faith in God’s willingness to heal her. Morris momentarily forgot everything that was going on around him, he was so moved.

The final paragraph of the note really caught his attention.

“In memorial to the Lord for healing my body, I enclose this gift. I sold my farm a little while before you arrived in town. This is some of the money I received from the sale. I want you to have it for your ministry.”

Morris had not even noticed the other piece of paper inside the envelope: a cashier’s check. He removed it and gazed at the donation. His jaw dropped when he saw the amount: $961.80.

God had been working miracles for the people in rural Pennsylvania. Now He produced one for Morris.

Next stop: Greece!