A tidal wave of miracles

This is one in a series of daily excerpts from “The Legend of Morris Cerullo: How God Used an Orphan to Change the World.”

By Morris Cerullo

Like a little boy hiding from his parents, Morris stood behind the tree and watched the miraculous event unfold. Even for the man who had initiated the event and participated in signs and wonders many times before, watching the awesome power of God was overwhelming.

A while later an Assembly of God missionary named Alford Cawston made his way to Morris’ ineffective hiding place.

“Isn’t it something, Brother Cerullo?” he asked in wonder. Without taking his eyes off the scene in the park Morris silently shook his head in affirmation. As the two gazed at the activity throughout the park Cawston put his arm around Morris’s shoulders and continued, “I think you had better return to the stage and bring the people together before they break out in a riot.” When Morris showed no sign of moving from behind the tree, Cawston added, “I think you are the only one who can do that.”

Morris did not want to go out front again. Like so many others in the building, he was overwhelmed by the activity and sheer force of God. Who in his right mind would dare to take the spotlight away from God while He was demonstrating that unstoppable and unfathomable power?

But before he could protest, the Lord reminded him of the story in the second chapter of Acts when God had similarly revealed His power to a group of new believers and the apostle Peter had taken charge of the meeting, explaining to everyone what had happened and leading more people to Christ.

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Reluctantly, Morris slowly walked to the middle of the stage and took the microphone from its stand. The crowd was still in full fury, oblivious to the person moving about up front. Morris was still weeping as he uttered the first words that came to mind: “God, no one should ever see this much of Your glory and be allowed to live,” he began in earnest. “God, take me home. I am ready to die.”

As he stood there, speechless, he fully expected God to take him to heaven at that moment. He figured he had seen it all. He had the privilege of being used by God in that tidal wave of miracles. What else could he ever experience that would top that moment? How could he return to doing normal things when he had just seen the most incredible surge of God’s power and love that he could imagine?

It was the highest note possible, wasn’t it? Who wouldn’t want to go to their heavenly reward after witnessing the most glorious moment they were likely to experience?

That’s when God pulled another surprise out of His hat.

“Son,” the Lord said to Morris, “you haven’t seen anything yet.”