New Anointing Offer

Marked for God’s Commanded Blessing

Receive Morris Cerullo’s breakthrough classic “Marked For God’s Commanded Blessing” as you sow your New Anointing School of Ministry end of course seed offering of ANY AMOUNT.

This book will answer the questions in many Christian’s minds: How can I live under the commanded blessings of God? Why don’t I have the blessings of God flowing into my life in a greater way? I believe it is God’s will to bless me, but I don’t see His blessings being poured out in a greater way upon my finances, upon my children, or upon my business. How do I take hold of God’s blessings and appropriate them in my life?

God has marked you to be blessed with all He has and all He is. This is your season step into God’s commanded blessing for your life!

Chapters include:

  • God Has Marked You For His Blessings!
  • God’s Blessing Is Forever Settled In Heaven!
  • God Intends For You To Live In His Favor!
  • You Are The Blessed Of The Lord!
  • God Has Placed His Name At Stake!
  • Your Are Marked By God’s Name To Receive All That He Has!