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Morris Cerullo Prayer Bible

SPECIAL: Beloved, is your desire the same as the disciples when they asked Jesus to teach them to pray? Is this YOUR prayer? Do you want to reach a greater dimension of answered prayer than you have ever experienced? When you stand with me for Israel with your greatest love-seed of $50 or more, I will send you my God’s Victorious Army Prayer Bible. Sow your seed today and unlock prayer truths that will teach and equip you to pray effective prayers and receive undeniable results.


• Rich Bonded-Leather Cover
• Easy-to-Read Print
• Over 1,700 Pages, Including a 146-Page Concordance
• Hundreds of Pages of Commentaries on Prayer
• Chain References Throughout the Text
• Treasury of Additional Helps to Enhance Your Study on Prayer
• Hundreds of Prayer Declarations to Direct Your Spiritual Life

There is no other Bible on prayer like this one!

You can sow your GVA School of Ministry gift now by calling 1-800-514-1864 or by filling out the form below.