When Did Morris Cerullo Begin His Ministry?

Morris Cerullo was raised in a Jewish Orthodox Orphanage from the age of two years old until he was 14 1/2. After accepting Christ as his Messiah, he left the Orphanage, and at age 15 began his ministry in Patterson, New Jersey.

Is Morris Cerullo associated with a denomination?

No, Morris Cerullo World Evangelism is not associated with any particular denomination, but welcomes people of all denominations, all cultures, and all faiths who are sincerely seeking God.

Morris Cerullo passionately shares the Gospel message of salvation, healing and making disciples for the building of the Kingdom of God.

How may I learn more about MCWE?

This website contains a lot of information about the ministry, as do the materials that are offered in our online store.

You may also call our San Diego office at (858) 633-4885 and talk to one of our Partner Services Representatives, who will be happy to provide additional information.

How can I find a Morris Cerullo meeting in my area?

Our event schedule is published and updated on this website.

If you are a partner of the ministry, you will receive mailings and emails announcing meetings in your area.