Dear Friend, It is here … April 5 – 7, we will celebrate the first of God’s commanded Feasts of the Year … for You!

God has circled PASSOVER on His calendar as His special season, His appointed time to release His Passover Promise …

It is a PASSOVER PROMISE of restoration of any and everything you have lost … a PASSOVER PROMISE to restore your financial life … a PASSOVER PROMISE to restore your physical body to divine health … a PASSOVER PROMISE to set you free from fears, emotional bondage, or heartbreak … that you may be FREE INDEED!

God ordained Passover for You!

Friend, as an ingrafted child of God through the blood of Jesus Christ, you have the inalienable right to receive God’s PASSOVER PROMISES when you obediently appear before the Lord with your PASSOVER PROMISE OFFERING.

After their momentous exodus of the Children of Israel from Egypt, God ordained the Feast of Passover and commanded this time to be one of HIS three feasts … HIS appointed times … to meet with His people to bless us in extraordinary ways, and for us to celebrate this appointed time of blessing FOREVER (Leviticus 23:21)!

You shall observe the Feast of Unleavened Bread (Passover) … as I commanded you … for in it you came out of Egypt. No one shall appear before Me empty-handed. (Exodus 23:15, MEV)

Passover’s origin came with the children of Israel’s deliverance from Egypt. Each family sacrificed a lamb without spot or blemish and placed the blood of that lamb on the door posts of their home, with the promise that the death angel would PASS OVER their home. Jesus not only celebrated the Passover (John 13:1), He became the Passover Lamb Himself … as the ultimate sacrifice to redeem you and I from our sins.

The COMMANDED BLESSING of Passover is an offering to the LORD of sacrifice, without blemish, the very best we can give … OUR PASSOVER PROMISE OFFERING.

God promised in Exodus 23 and Leviticus 23 that if we obey God’s COMMANDED BLESSING and place our Passover Offering before Him, he will pour out 7 specific blessings into our lives.

These 7 Blessings of Passover are yours …

1. An Angel of God will be assigned to protect and lead you to your miracles.
2. God will be an enemy to your enemies.
3. The Lord will prosper you.
4. God will take sickness away from you.
5. You will not die before your appointed time.
6. Increase and inheritance will be yours.
7. What the enemy has stolen will be returned to you.

These seven blessings are your PASSOVER PROMISES of God’s restoration, extraordinary wealth, divine health and healing, and emotional and spiritual freedom … as you unlock God’s supernatural favor with your sacrificial PASSOVER PROMISE OFFERING.

God gave us one, specific, unalterable, condition for His covenant of the PASSOVER PROMISES…

No one shall appear before Me empty-handed (Exodus 23:15).

God commanded that the Passover Offering be an offering without spot or blemish … an offering of perfection. As you prepare your Passover Offering, God’s instruction is to give your very best, an offering perfect before the Lord.

Believe God for His 7 Blessing of Passover with an offering of 7!

You can give an offering perfect before the Lord by giving your PASSOVER PROMISE OFFERING as a multiple of 7, God’s number signifying completeness and perfection. I have witnessed in our ministry that an offering of 7 can release God’s commanded blessings into the lives of our partners.

I am calling my most generous partners like you to reach out in faith for the salvation of the lost, with a special PASSOVER PROMISE OFFERING of 7 X $20 … $140.

7 is God’s Number of Perfection.

Give your offering as a step of faith, an offering of sacrifice, your very best that you lay before the Lord believing God to release into your life the PASSOVER PROMISE, the 7 Blessings of Passover.

On Good Friday evening, April 7, we will gather in the Legacy Theater to celebrate our Passover Communion Service together and present our Passover Offerings to the Lord.

I want to place your Passover Promise Offering, in your name, before the Lord at our Passover Communion Service.

Our Good Friday Passover Communion Service will be streamed to the nations of the world, so even if you can’t attend in person, you will be able to join us … as we believe God during this special season of blessing to release His PASSOVER PROMISES into your life.

Your PASSOVER PROMISE OFFERING is your point of contact to restore anything and everything you have lost in your financial life, in your physical body, in your family … to set you free with the PASSOVER PROMISE of the 7 Blessings of Passover!

With your sacrificial Passover Offering of 7 x $20 … $140, I will send you your very own, distinctive, silver-plated communion cup set, which includes two communion cups and their presentation plate.

So that you will move into a greater understanding of the Feast of Passover for Christians today, I will also send you the Rose Publication of CHRIST IN THE PASSOVER.

This guidebook will reveal our Lord as the sacrificial Lamb of Passover like you have never seen Him before.

Take your step of faith now to prepare your PASSOVER PROMISE OFFERING of sacrifice now.

Please pray about your special Passover Promise Offering of $140…

With your PASSOVER PROMISE OFFERING, we will present your name before the Lord during our GOOD FRIDAY PASSOVER COMMUNION service on April 7 believing for the release of the 7 Blessings of Passover to restore, overflow, double, heal, and be more than enough to flood your needs with God’s abundance of blessing.

May this be your Season of Blessings,

David Cerullo


No matter what amount you give as your PASSOVER PROMISE OFFERING, I want to say “Thank You” with very special gifts according to the amount of your offering. Please click below to see and request your gifts today.