Dear Friend, April 7 is your day of promise to claim God’s covenant as His child, ingrafted through the blood of Jesus Christ … and to receive every promise of provision and blessing God has ordained for His children in the Feast of Passover.

Good Friday is fast approaching …

I have set aside Good Friday, April 7, to celebrate our Passover Communion Service during our Feast of Passover Conference here at the Legacy International Center.

Our Partners at the Passover Conference will be joined by Partners via the power of our world wide web, and I am praying that you will join us as we present our Passover Offerings before the Lord and receive from God His Passover Promise.

On this special day, we will present your needs and Passover Offering in your name, asking God to release His 7 Promises of Passover … to pour an overflow of blessing into your life that will be more than enough to meet your personal and urgent needs.

God ordained the Feast of Passover and commanded it to be one of His three feasts to be celebrated forever. This is His appointed time to meet with His people … for us to celebrate Him … and for our Heavenly Father to pour out 7 special blessings on those who obediently fulfill His commands. (Leviticus 23:21)

You are His chosen … this is your promise.

You shall keep the Feast of Unleavened Bread (Passover)… as I commanded you … for in it you came out of Egypt. None shall appear before Me empty-handed Exodus 23:15, ESV

From the very first Passover when the children of Israel were delivered from Egypt, God’s command has been a sacrifice without spot or blemish. Jesus became our sinless Passover Lamb as the ultimate sacrifice to redeem us from our sins. Through Him, we are ingrafted as the chosen children of God.

God’s COMMAND to receive the BLESSING of Passover is an offering to the Lord of sacrifice, without blemish, the very best we can give … our PASSOVER PROMISE OFFERING.

None should appear before me empty handed !

When we obey God’s COMMANDED BLESSING and place our PASSOVER PROMISE OFFERING before Him, God’s promise is to release 7 specific blessings into our lives. (Exodus 23, Leviticus 23)

1. An Angel of God will be assigned to protect and lead you to your miracles.
2. God will be an enemy to your enemies.
3. The Lord will prosper you.
4. God will take sickness away from you.
5. You will not die before your appointed time.
6. Increase and inheritance will be yours.
7. What the enemy has stolen will be returned to you.

Friend, 7 is God’s number of completeness and perfection. Consider making your PASSOVER PROMISE OFFERING especially significant with a special PASSOVER OFFERING OF 7.

I am asking my Partners like you to pray about a special PASSOVER PROMISE OFFERING of 7 X $20 … $140.

With your sacrificial Passover Offering of $140, I will send you your very own, distinctive, silver-plated communion cup set, which includes two communion cups and their presentation plate.

So that you will move into a greater understanding of the Feast of Passover for Christians today, I will also send you the Rose Publication of CHRIST IN THE PASSOVER.

This guidebook will reveal our Lord as the sacrificial Lamb of Passover like you have never seen Him before.

Take your step of faith now to prepare your PASSOVER PROMISE OFFERING of sacrifice now.

Please pray about your special Passover Promise Offering of $140…

Friend, whatever you are able to give … give an offering of 7, an offering of perfection … make your offering your very best that you can lay before the Lord, believing Him to release the 7 Blessings of Passover.

I want to present your Passover Promise Offering to the Lord!

On Good Friday evening, April 7, we will gather before the Lord in the Legacy International Center to celebrate our Passover Communion Service and present our PASSOVER PROMISE OFFERINGS to the Lord. Join this service live at

Click below to plant your PASSOVER PROMISE OFFERING IMMEDIATELY to ensure it will arrive by Good Friday, April 7.

May this be your Season of Blessings,

David Cerullo


No matter what amount you give as your PASSOVER PROMISE OFFERING, I want to say “Thank You” with very special gifts according to the amount of your offering. Please click below to see and request your gifts today.