You Were Made for Miracles!
Do you believe that God can perform a miracle in your life? In The Miracle Book, you will learn how God wants you to live in a new rhythm and in a new way of life, where miracles are a natural occurrence. Whether it is a miracle that provides food for you and your family, whether it is a miracle that directs you where to go, whether it is a miracle that shows you what to do or how to do something, or whether it is a miracle that heals your body or mind, your life can be filled with miracles.
Chapter titles include:

“You Were Made for Miracles!”
“Take Your Eyes Off Your Circumstances!”
“See Your Problems As Miracle Opportunities!”
“Realize That Every Promise Of God Contains The Seed For Your Miracle!”
“Plant A Miracle Seed By Acting On God’s Word!”
And more!

Let Brother Cerullo take you behind the scenes, into his personal life, and share with you stories of miracles that he has experienced AND guide you to having your own miracles.
Learn how to believe God for a miracle in your life. Order your copy today!