Broken Spirit Healed through Morris Cerullo Book!
November 26, 2018

I lost four of my children. One child was murdered at 17 months old. Two of my children were taken from me and raised by someone else. And, my last child was a tubal pregnancy and did not live. Because of all the heartache and pain I suffered, I experienced deep depression for over 20 years. I had no hope until I read Morris Cerullo book, God’s Answers to Heal Your Deep Hurts. I did what Papa explained in his book, giving all of my hurts to Jesus and trusting in Him for the victory. My heart was totally renewed. I no longer felt defeated; now peace had replaced the pain, and I was set free! That book changed my life! It brought such joy, understanding and healing to my broken spirit! I completely went from brokenness to a full, rich life in Christ!