I called for prayer because my hands needed healing. I was having a difficult time typing on my computer at my job because of the burning pain shooting through my hands. The doctor told me I would need surgery to eliminate the pain. That meant taking off more days from work. I had already taken time off because of the pain and couldn’t continue taking days off. I believed God would heal me if someone agreed with me in prayer, so I sent in my prayer request with a special seed to Morris Cerullo World Evangelism. The pain slowed down until it was completely gone in a matter of days! I received my miracle healing! Praise God!

Janice from California November 26, 2018

I praise God because there are lots of changes in my life since I started to receive Sweet Dreams devotionals from you. These have not only brought life changes; I am being empowered, strengthened and physically and spiritually healed. I give all the glory to our almighty Father.

Patricio from The Philippines November 26, 2018

Dear Morris, I am writing to you regarding my mother, Laura Brown. Mom’s prayers have been answered, Thank you, Lord! Her UTI has been lifted from her body. She is walking, eating, and back on her feet, enjoying the wonderful days that God has given us! We thank you for your prayers. God is good!

Marj from Canada November 26, 2018

Greetings in Jesus’ Name! Thanks for your prayers for (1) Jerry T. Diao and sons, whose U.S. visas are now ok, (2) healing for Shobe Diao and Maxinne Diao, two little girls who are now well and out of the hospital, and (3) safe and normal delivery by Camille Diao German, who gave birth to a healthy, baby boy. Glory to God! Hallelujah!

Jean from The Philippines November 26, 2018

I so much appreciate the prayers that have been made for me. Thank you for praying for my needs. I have finally purchased a 2003 Mitsubishi Galant automobile with 96,000 miles, and only owe 15 months of payments on it. Thank you, Jesus! I would like you to continue praying for my need of a job.

Arlene from New Jersey November 26, 2018

I submitted my prayer request for the judge to hurry along some kind of confirmation regarding my social security case because I didn’t have enough food to last me until the end of the month. Lo and behold, my daughter, who is also going through financial hardship, wired me $40.00. This was totally unexpected because I knew her situation. Thank you for your prayers. Now, I am believing for the other half of the requested prayer for my social security benefits to come through. I want to get my tithes and offerings into God’s kingdom, so I can get blessed to be a blessing to others who are hurting.

Kim from West Virginia November 26, 2018

Dear Brother Morris Cerullo, I would like to thank God for answering my prayers: (1) My two papers were published and one was selected in the higher-level forum, (2) There is a good indication that I can get my visa, (3) Gideon performed well in his studies, and (4) my husband’s health has improved.

Sally from Tanzania November 26, 2018

Dear Morris and Theresa Cerullo and your Ministry team, I want to say, “Thank you.” You mean a lot to me. Thank you for equipping the body of Christ for battle. Your teaching on “How to Win the Battle for your Mind” is right on target. I’m facing battles every day, but we have the victory in Christ!

Klaus from New York November 26, 2018

I was on probation at my job. While watching the Helpline program with guest, Michael Franzese, I felt God’s peace and love. My trust in God was renewed. He began healing me from my past. God gave me hope that He would fulfill my dreams and remove criminal elements out of my life including kin folk, who have been causing me pain and turmoil. I know my new beginning has begun. I have everything I need from God, so I am no longer fearful. Also, your Mentoring Moments program changed my life as I seek a closer relationship with Jesus. Thank you for your ministry.

Sabina from Trinidad and Tobago November 26, 2018

I would like to praise and thank the Lord for all the miracles that he has done in our lives: (1) Before we went to the Philippines, I asked for prayer for God’s miracle concerning the weather. We went there during the rainy and typhoon season. Praise God, we enjoyed the sun for the whole two weeks we were there after there had been three weeks of flooding and storms before we arrived. When we left, rains started to pour again. (2) Salvation of our relatives in the Philippines. Relationships were restored during our visit and a Bible study was also restored. (3) I was able to minister to my long-time friend, who had an issue in her marriage. (4) We were protected by the blood of Jesus from all sicknesses especially dengue fever which was prevalent in the area where we stayed. (5) Unforgettable bonding with our family and loved ones. Glory to God! And, thank God for your ministry.

Maria from Canada November 26, 2018