More Than 5,000 In Attendance

Los Angeles, California ‒ At Dr. Cerullo’s personal request, one of his spiritual sons, Pastor Sergio De La Mora, pastor of one of the largest churches in America and president of The Hispanic Mega Church Association, ministered a powerful, timely message to the capacity crowd on September 20 at the Grand Olympic Auditorium that touched the hearts and souls of thousands of Hispanics in the greater Los Angeles area.

In January 2015, God spoke to Dr. Morris Cerullo’s heart that now is a special time to bless the Hispanic churches and communities in America. God spoke clearly, “Son, take citywide salvation/miracle crusades to the Hispanic people of Los Angeles, Houston (November 10), New York (November 12), and Miami (December 4).”At the September 20 Los Angeles event:

  • 5,000 experienced the dynamic power of God.
  • 500 filled the altars of the Olympic Auditorium to receive the greatest miracle in all the world ‒ the miracle of salvation.
  • 200 Hispanic pastors from every denomination across the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area joined their hearts and hands together with Dr. Morris Cerullo and the Crusade team for the sake of precious souls!

Latin Grammy Award Nominee, Lilly Goodman, and her world-renowned band, blessed the Morris Cerullo Los Angeles Crusade with her powerful, anointed music ministry.

The post-meeting response was incredible! Appreciative comments poured in from Los Angeles area pastors.

Dear Dr. Morris, we want to thank you for making this possible . . . for your part in helping us to raise this harvest of souls.
— Pastor Miguel Cavalieri, Ministerio Apostólico Profético

The Crusade was a blessing to be brothers together in harmony. Nice praise, good words and anointing, and most beautiful to see souls come to the feet of Jesus Christ to be released, healed, and saved
— Pastor Mario y Lourdes Arguedas, Iglesia Calvario

Thank you very much, Dr. Morris Cerullo, for having the heart to bless all Hispanics and having made every effort, together with your team, to develop this Crusade. My church and volunteers were very blessed to have been involved and bless the kingdom of God.
— Dr. Maria Eugenia Martinez, Centro Cristiano Esperanza

Dear Dr. Morris, we totally enjoyed the event. We saw miracles and the Holy Spirit’s Presence was there. We were able to minister to an elderly gentleman who had taken the train from Sunland City, saying to the Lord on his way to the Crusade: “Lord, please don’t disappoint me; I want to be healed.” This man, who was having difficulty hearing out of his right ear and suffering from pain on the right side of his abdomen, didn’t want to come down to the front when the call was made, but after the preacher prayed, he said, “My stomach pain is gone and I can hear with my right ear!”
— Pastor Javier and Kim Rivas, Templo de Dios

I witnessed the saved souls with tears in their eyes, and I felt the anointing. I think it was more than 500 souls that came to the altar. I was impressed. Dr. Morris Cerullo, we love you and want to hug you!
— Pastor Walter Koch and Raquel, Centro Diplomatico

Pastor Sergio De La Mora did an excellent job preaching, ministering in miracles, and calling people to accept Jesus. It was amazing how many people gave their lives to Christ.
— Pastores René y Hanelory Molina

I thank God for permitting Dr. Cerullo to come to our city and mobilize our local Hispanic churches to reach out into our neighborhoods with the message of the Gospel. He and his team were willing to work hard to serve the Body of Christ in order to become more effective at the work of the Kingdom.
— Pastor Carlos Quintero – Unidos Coordinator, L.A.