Morris Cerullo — 1931-2020

Obituary: Morris Cerullo — 1931-2020: Famed televangelist opened Bible-themed attraction in San Diego Pentecostal preacher ran worldwide ministry for more than

Morris Cerullo — 1931-20202020-08-12T14:33:17-07:00

Morris Cerullo Attacks Forces of Darkness

Morris Cerullo Wages Spiritual Attacks Against Forces of Darkness He calls himself 83-years-young, and the description seems accurate for the evangelist. Morris

Morris Cerullo Attacks Forces of Darkness2021-09-14T16:43:18-07:00

San Diego’s Multinational Community

Morris Cerullo Turns His Eyes And Ministry Towards San Diego’s Multinational Community San Diego, CA – International evangelist, Dr. Morris Cerullo, president

San Diego’s Multinational Community2016-10-30T17:02:10-07:00

Prince Was Helped

Prince: The Preacher Was Able To Help The World Famous Musician In London San Diego, CA – There

Prince Was Helped2016-10-30T17:02:10-07:00

Los Angeles Hispanic Crusade

More Than 5,000 In Attendance Los Angeles, California ‒ At Dr. Cerullo’s personal request, one of his spiritual sons,

Los Angeles Hispanic Crusade2016-10-30T17:02:10-07:00

Spreading The Gospel

Spreading The Gospel Of Jesus Christ Around The World The term "televangelist" is used to identify

Spreading The Gospel2016-10-30T17:02:10-07:00

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